2019-10-28 New report on significance of NTP tumors

1)  If you are able to attend the 5G “smart city” meeting at Simon Fraser on Wednesday and wish to hand out some flyers, you can find some at:


At the 5Gcrisis.com website, there is a lot of info that can be printed off and used.

2) You probably know that due to the heavy winds in several areas of California over the last few days, PG&E has shut off the power to many homes to reduce the threat of downed power lines causing fires. But when the power comes back on, it is very possible that smeters will explode or cause fires themselves due to the power surge. Nina Beety warned people about this in a letter to her local newspaper. This is excellent advice for everyone when there is a power outage.

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PG&E shut-off? Check your Smart Meter


3)  In the midst of power outages in California, cell towers aren’t working. Neither are digital landlines, which many people have without understanding the ramifications. I bet many people are now wishing they had old, copper landlines.  How scary and dangerous to not be able to call for help in case of emergencies. Similar to having digital phones that go dead during outages here in BC.

Extremely dangerous’: Cell outages during PG&E shut-offs point to problems

“Residents using all the major carriers — T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon — from Sonoma to Oakland and Orinda to Sky Londa reported that they lost service during PG&E’s power outages last week. Research group OpenSignal said more than 90% of subscribers to those big carriers stayed connected to high-speed cell networks in urban areas, although rural areas may have fared worse. Regardless of the numbers, for those who lost connections as well as power, it added to their feelings of isolation and fear that in an emergency they wouldn’t be able to reach loved ones or call 911.”


4) The NTP study found increases in brain cancers and in tumors of the heart (schwannomas) which normally are virtually unheard of. This report goes into more detail about the tumors and concludes that the evidence is strong for changing the classification of microwave radiation from 2B (possible). Many scientists are now convinced that the evidence is strong enough to warrant a classification of probable or even a true carcinogen. Yet the agencies like FCC, Health Canada and the cancer societies are saying there is no evidence or no conclusive evidence of harm.

The Significance of Primary Tumors in the NTP Study of Chronic Rat Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation

“The RF-exposed groups had significantly higher overall or total primary cancer rates than did the concurrent control rats….

The time is right for the IARC to upgrade its previous epidemiologybased classification of RF exposure to higher levels in terms of the carcinogenicity of RF radiation for humans. Recently, two relatively well-conducted RF and microwave exposure studies employing the Sprague–Dawley strain of rats—without, however, using any cancer-promoting agents (or cocarcinogens)—showed consistent results in significantly increased total primary cancer or overall tumor rates in animals exposed to RF radiation.”


5)  Builders are now building homes that are “Wi-Fi” certified homes, built for upgrades, without any way to escape this dangerous emission.

National rollout of new homebuilding approach

 A commercial-grade network with Ruckus™ equipment* provides coverage in every room with no dead spots, enabling today’s best smart and streaming products to operate at peak performance. This allows buyers to control their lights, front door lock and thermostat with hands-free voice commands to Alexa.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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