2019-09-09 Solar Network Grids to escape Hydro

 1) Because of BC Hydro’s draconian tactics regarding smeters, many people have gone off the grid, or are considering this action. Local networks of solar projects would cut ties with BC Hydro’s monopoly while contributing to a cleaner environment. Just as with 5G fiber optic networks for internet, local control of energy can be done at the municipal, community or neighbourhood level. There are now people who have done it to help us, if we want.

Comment: We need community solar-energy projects

“My solar farm makes about five to six per cent annual profit. My house has zero electric or heating bills. And I fuel my e-car with my own energy produced entirely free by the sun, which cannot be controlled by any corporation or government. Finally, I get paid cash for any yearly surplus energy.

But B.C. Hydro wants to end all community solar businesses, saying it doesn’t need the energy — and, of course, ignoring climate change. Yet they spent $54.9 million in March to buy electricity from dirty coal — even though photons from the sun were bouncing unused off rooftops here in B.C. Perhaps they fear losing their monopoly?”


2)  An excellent speech by Dr. Colbeck re. 5G and smeters. I encourage you to share widely to help educate as many as possible. She is in the U.S. and what she says about the FCC applies here in Canada. No one with the knowledge or the expertise is making the decisions. In BC, neither the Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, who is a public health doctor, nor anyone at the BCCDC has any experience or education re. microwave radiation. They follow the captured agency, Health Canada, who follows another captured agency, the WHO.

It is up to the public to educate others. A groundswell is needed to hold all those endangering us and future generations to account — they are dangerously and willfully negligent.

Angie Colbeck, MD Speaks on Wireless Radiation Risks at MI-CPAC

Published on Aug 26, 2019

“Dr. Angie Colbeck (Pediatrician) speaks on the adverse health impacts of wireless radiation from cell phones, 5G transmitters, Wi-Fi routers, and smart meters at the 2019 MI-CPAC in Holt, MI.”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVcF7PlSv9Y  (12:40 min.)

She makes reference to several papers, lists, etc. and they can be found at:

Collection of Resources Regarding 5G, “Smart Meters”, and EMF RISK


3)  Expectation of growth in meters to measure EMF/EMR — strong statement from the industry that “high strength” EMF is harmful for health (low levels are, too). These meters no doubt will be for professionals to use, but my guess is that better and cheaper ones will be available to the public in the near future, too. BTW, CAGR means Compound Annual Growth Rate.

Electromagnetic Field Meter Market is Expected to Witness A Significant CAGR in the Near Future

“The electromagnetic field meter market is primarily driven by increased demand of electromagnetic field meter in industry segments such as automotive, consumer electronics, energy & power, and others. The expansion of power generation and distribution network in order to serve growing demand of energy, further expected increase demand of electromagnetic field meter. Consequently, anticipated to contribute the global electromagnetic field market.  Electromagnetic field is very high near various devices commonly used in home and offices. This high strength of electromagnetic field is harmful for health. So in order to measure & maintain the electromagnetic field, the use of electromagnetic field meter expected to increase. Consequently, anticipated to contribute to the global electromagnetic field meter market during forecast period.”


4) Today, while walking my new puppy at a shopping centre, I met a lovely woman who recently had cancer. She had taken several photos of my pup with a cell phone and put the phone in a pocket of a sweater. I asked if she minded telling me what type of cancer she had. She said kidney cancer. On the same side that she had carried a cell phone for several years (and still does) as she was on call for her job. She also sleeps next to her phone, using it as an alarm clock. She mentioned she also was having optic nerve issues and was suffering dizziness, etc.

I offered her some websites to visit — she was unaware of the dangers of microwave radiation. I mentioned glioblastomas and she told me a relative has just been diagnosed with this brain cancer… So sad that this information is not being made available to the public and to their doctors. No one told her to stop wearing her cell phone or sleeping with it. I did. She immediately shut her phone off and, I hope, will use the phone to capture messages or for emergencies, keeping it turned off or on airplane mode at other times, and will get a battery-operated alarm clock. A lovely lady who is a victim of this “convenience”.


The email is to Gord Doyle, Customer Metering, BC Hydro.

From: Christel Martin (name given with permission)

To: Customer Metering <customermetering@BCHydro.com>, chris.oriley@bchydro.com, Douglas Routley <douglas.routley.mla@leg.bc.ca>, John Horgan <john.horgan.MLA@leg.bc.ca>, commission.secretary@bcuc.com

Cc: Justin Trudeau <justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca>, Paul Manly MP <PAUL.MANLY@PARL.GC.CA>, Elizabeth May, MP <elizabeth.may@parl.gc.ca>

Date: 4 Sep 2019

Dear Gord,

May I call you that?  I don’t know you, but you addressed me as “Christel” in your August 19, 2019 “Final Disconnection Notice” letter, so it seems only fair.

A few days after my sister died of multiple myeloma on Aug. 22, I received another phone call from Customer Metering telling me I had not responded to your Aug. 19 letter.  Apparently my email below never made it to the telephone service department.  He was going to look into that and, I understood, get back to me–but has not to date.  How organized is that?

To date, no one has responded to my request that BC HYDRO provide me with harmonic interference filters when you install a radio-off meter–see emails below.  Does that mean you’re bringing a filtering system this week when you install the radio-off meter?

Or does that mean my request has fallen into email/registered mail/telephone customer service cracks?

I do own a brand-new analogue meter and I’d be more than happy to let BC Hydro install that when you take away your “expired analogue”, and I’m happy to take responsibility with Measurement Canada to have it re-calibrated as needed.

BTW, when you install the plastic RADIO-OFF meter, be aware that it faces due south, gets full sunlight from early morning until late afternoon and full exposure to wind and rain, making it a prime candidate for a fire hazard.

It also points directly into my neighbour’s bedroom a few feet away, so should you turn on the radio, you’ll be irradiating my neighbours.

I look forward to meeting your Meter Exchanger, preferably Craig, the man who is “just doing his job” as a contractor* for Hydro, THIS WEEK, BEFORE SEPTEMBER 6, 2019.  Have him call me before he comes over so I can unlock my gate and let him in.  (*Isn’t it strange that the Nazis all said the same thing at Nuremberg:  “Just doing my job.”  Regardless, they ended up in jail, or worse, just like their victims.)

Understand that I am allowing this under protest because I am a senior on a limited income of less than $2,000/month and cannot afford $700 of that to pay for reconnection fees.  I’m also having a shingles attack thanks to the stress of you bunch.

I am cc’ing BCUC with the hope that someone there has the ethics, morals, and, dare I say, balls, to right the wrong done by BC Hydro and the BC Government to the people of this province and the rest of Canada.



Christel Martin


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Our Society is run by insane people for insane objectives. We are being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that.

That’s what is insane about it…”        John Lennon

















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