2019-08-30 Hydro cutting power, threatening a disabled person

1) Devra Davis is attempting to bring the fact that cellphones emit excessive RF radiation to the attention of the public. We need a groundswell of protest regarding this issue. The risk of cellphones is great even at allowable limits but at up to 11 times that limit, more people are being put at risk — many of them children.

Please consider writing your MP, Health Canada, and the media about this [https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/contact/]. It could be what is needed to begin to educate people about the dangers of wireless radiation but we need to get the word out.

Commentary: The FCC needs to update its cellphone tests for radiofrequency radiation

“The system for testing cellphones constitutes a deceptive, improbable, unrepresentative and far-fetched scenario. As the Tribune documents, phones are placed up to 1 inch away from a phantom body of a heavy-set large man. This scheme fails to take into account the thinner skulls, developing immune systems and more vulnerable eyes of millions of infants, toddlers and young children for whom contact with phones has become commonplace.

FCC regulations for phone testing were first set in 1996 when a gallon of gasoline cost $1.25 and the average cellphone cost a staggering $2,000, which equals roughly $3,200 today after adjusting for inflation. These expensive phones were used chiefly for business, medical and military purposes, with a typical call duration of six minutes.”

http://www.chicagotribune.com/opinion/commentary/ct-opinion-cell-phones-radiation-rf-fcc-safety-20190826-s4xcznsnyfb7tef2gosoye7jre-story.html  (some important links from this article:)












2)  BC Hydro has cut power on homes of, or is threatening to, those who refuse to have smeters. To treat your customers like this — people who have paid hundreds of $$$ in extortion just to keep their homes safe. Where is the indignation and help by the MLA?  People should be rallying in front of BC Hydro in the area, supporting these people for their stand, and demanding our right to protect our homes. BC Hydro’s monopoly status needs to change. They wouldn’t treat us like this if there were any competition — I guess there is solar. Perhaps neighbourhood solar arrangements.

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Shuswap residents without power after protesting smart meter installation

For 10 years Sunnybrae couple have to keep older meter, now without power


BC Hydro often implies that the analogs are dangerous if they are left after the expiry date. This isn’t true. The only requirement is that they be checked to ensure they are accurate, and this is the only thing Measurement Canada is involved with or concerned about.


Shuswap resident on disability fights BC Hydro smart meter installation

“Crown corporation threatens to cut power unless it’s allowed to access, replace analog device”


3) Now that a new school year is about to begin, children will once again be put into a high-EMR environment in BC. Not only will Wi-Fi be on all day long, but cellphones will also be allowed. BC, unlike Ontario, still allows personal wireless devices to be used during class. Parents and teachers need to consider the risk the children are facing.

Please provide schools [http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/schools/bcmap.htm] with the information sent in last night’s update [https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2019-08-29-a-good-example-of-a-bent-scientist-supporting-5g/] about the studies showing most cellphones in use are exposing children to higher RF emissions than allowed even by the outdated, inadequate Safety Code 6 by as much as 11 times.

This from a member:

“The Ontario Government has banned all personal wireless devices in the classroom but the BC Government has refused to follow ON’s lead!

 Cellphones and Other Personal Mobile Devices in Schools  (Ontario)

“During the provincial consultation on education reform in fall 2018, 97% of parents, students and educators expressed the view that there should be some sort of restriction on the use of cellphones at school.””



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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