2019-08-27 Lawsuits against cell phone companies re. cancer risk

1)  Another one of the many sad stories I read each day about brain cancers.  A nine year old boy died from a glioma brain tumor.

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Huntre Allard, Windsor, Ontario – Huntre had been through multiple brain surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy after a London surgeon removed an Stage 4 glioma tumour last summer. Doctors weren’t sure he’d make it out of intensive care after the first few surgeries, but “of course Huntre proved them wrong,” his mother said Monday.



Windsor boy with zest for life and love of John Deere tractors dies

“Nine-year-old Huntre died Saturday after living longer than expected with an aggressive form of brain cancer and filling the last year with special memories, such as going to the prom and swimming in the ocean….

Huntre had been through multiple brain surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy after a London surgeon removed an Stage 4 glioma tumour last summer.”



2) A public interest group (which, if I’ve looked at the right group, is comprised of many affiliated or formerly affiliated with telecoms or government) is appealing for greater consumer protections re. technologies.

Public Knowledge Urges Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to Overturn FCC’s Move to Widen Digital Divide

“Public Knowledge, joined by three other public interest groups, filed a petition challenging the FCC’s rollback of consumer protections adopted by the Obama FCC in 2015

“Tens of millions of Americans, as well as millions of small businesses, still depend on legacy telephone systems. Many legacy life-saving devices such as pacemakers and alarm systems do not work on new digital technologies.”


3)  A “smart” article that expresses the feeling that many of us have about the use/misuse of terms that corporations use these days to try to deceive/entice us, e.g. “smart”. We know now that when something is called “smart” it likely means the device/appliance has a microchip that will be communicating wirelessly.

Modern motorways and meters make Roger Ratcliffe smart

“Whenever I see a noun appended to the word “smart” I reach for a pinch of salt. Like most people my introduction to this was a smartphone, which I admit does loads more than my old Nokia. But I’m not sure it was smart to allow a smartphone to become so intrusive in my life through addictive social media. It is a work displacement activity that too easily stops me concentrating on important tasks.

Thankfully I’m some way off becoming a “smombie”. That’s a new portmanteau word – a composite of smartphone and zombie – which urban dictionaries define as a person who walks while using a smartphone and pays no attention to what’s ahead, thus risking an accident.

I bet some criminals will ruefully admit the word smartphone is a misnomer if they claimed to have been safely home in bed only for their mobile network provider to show police that their smartphone – tantamount to an electronic tag – put them squarely at the scene of a crime.”


4)  Lawsuits are beginning as a result of the Chicago Tribune investigation into cell phones. Hopefully this will lead to the public learning about the dangers that we’ve all known about for so long. Also, hopefully some of the people who have suffered serious health effects due to cell phone usage will come forward to support this lawsuit.

Apple, Samsung Sued For Cancer Threat, 5G Poses More Radiation Risk

“Apple and Samsung are now facing a class-action lawsuit for their alleged risk of cancer. The complaint stated that the two tech giants exposed their alleged victims 500 times more than the allowable federal limit….

The lawsuit stated that Apple and Samsung’s devices are emitting more radiation than what is tolerable by the body. After Chicago Tribune investigation, the Apple and Samsung devices iPhone 8, iPhone X and Galaxy S8 surfaced as the types that emit more radiation bringing in the risk of genetic damages, cellular stress, increased risk cancer risk and neurological encounter.”




Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters 

“Public apathy is more powerful than public opinion. There’s more of it.”    ~ Dr. Jim Boren


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