2019-08-08 Wifi in school despite science

  1.  In Kentucky, the health and school departments have partnered to give “cell phone lockers” to restaurants to encourage family communication. What a sorry state to have to do something like this….   But other communities should encourage “disconnection” whenever possible.

Cellphone locker project designed to encourage family communication

Partnerships between school district, health department and restaurants meant to encourage family communication

“The school board has partnered with the health department to donate 8,000 “cellphone lockers” to 65 restaurants in the school district. The school board and health department have prepared for four launches of the program to be taken throughout the school year, according to School District Communications and Community Engagement Specialist Lori Harrison. The first launch is officially scheduled on Wednesday with 1,900 cellphone lockers being distributed to local restaurants in the Hopkins County school district.

These lockers will be placed at tables within restaurants for families to unplug and unwind with one another in a mobile-free environment, and restaurants have been asked to keep them out a week to 10 days at a time, Harrison said.


2.   A great flyer from our Australian friends. Many people don’t want to know about health risks but there are many other concerns re. 5G.  Here is one that some of those folks will care about.

Pollinators at risk: The Honey Bee says Stop 5G


3.  As school approaches, parents and teachers need to be educated on the dangers of Wi-Fi in schools and through increased use of wireless devices.  These powerful groups need to confront the school boards reluctance to reconnect to the fiber optic cable which most schools still have in place, for the sake of the children’s health. The school boards have the responsibility to protect the children while in their charge — and most are failing miserably. And why? Who is pressuring them? Are incentives being offered? There has to be some reason for this unreasonable decision to use Wi-Fi and without informing parents about the ramifications.

AMA and American Academy of Pediatrics Both Have Warned Screens Can Cause Obesity, Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression in Teens

“For anyone who still thinks kids “glued” to screens is cute or normal, on November 17, 2017, The American Medical Association (AMA) posted a press release warning about teens being harmed by screen use: …

Unfortunately, parents as well as public schools are still starting kids younger than teens on screens despite past and present warnings….

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the largest US medical association of pediatricians and pediatric specialists, recommends that the US government tighten wireless exposure limits and that the public reduce children’s exposure to cell phones and other devices that emit wireless radiation. The AAP also cautions that cell tower radiation is linked to headaches, sleep problems and depression in scientific research studies. “ 


4.    With all the studies and reports that we’ve sent over the years to our Provincial Health Officers, Dr. Perry Kendall and his successor Dr. Bonnie Henry, to the various Ministers of Education, showing that children suffer serious risk from exposure to Wi-Fi in schools, nothing has been done. Children will return to classes from K-12 with rooms heavily polluted by microwave radiation from wifi modems and routers. Why? Why aren’t parents being told about the risk? Several US states are listening to scientists instead of the industry. Here is a video of the Oregon Legislature meeting in March with several short video clips of scientists, advocates and even a young victim. Our school and health authorities are guilty of negligence — they know that Wi-Fi is dangerous and yet have done nothing.

Oregon Legislature Passes SB283 to Study Effects of Wifi Radiation on Children



From: Finlay MacPherson  (name given with permission)
To: “adrian dix mla” <adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca>, “Dr. Tim Lambert” <hlth.pph@gov.bc.ca>, premier@gov.bc.ca, cmnews@caribooadvisor.com, “mike dejong mla” <mike.dejong.mla@leg.bc.ca>, editor@quesnelobserver.com, editor@thetyee.ca, “elizabeth may” <elizabeth.may@greenparty.ca>, “EMPR Minister” <EMPR.Minister@gov.bc.ca>, “Green Party of Canada” <webadmin@greenparty.ca>, “hon jane philpott” <hon.jane.philpott@canada.ca>, “Herald editor” <editor@pentictonherald.ca>, haveyoursay@bbc.co.uk, “Paul Hellyer” <phellyer@sympatico.ca>, marketplace@cbc.ca
Sent: August 7, 2019
Subject: Fwd: Health Canada’s Safety Code 6

This email is forwarded for your information in the hope that someone somewhere out there takes action to help stop the man-made wireless radiation that is slowly destroying all life on this planet as well as slowly destroying the good health and reproductive ability of the human race, and that at least one of you does whatever you can to educate others as to the insanity of thinking only tissue heating matters, and that proven damaging biological effects can be ignored.

Our government authorities tasked with public health protection continue ignoring the vast research findings supporting the mechanisms of cellular biological damage from exposure to non-ionizing pulsed microwaves.  The insurance industry will not provide coverage for damage from electromagnetic exposures as they consider it too great a risk.  The wireless Industry and their spin doctors have brainwashed most to believe the technology they peddle is “safe” because that idea makes massive profits for them, yet when questioned under oath by American Congressional Senator Blumenthal stated they were unable to provide any proof the technology was in fact “safe”.  Motorola’s Dr. Carlo lost his funding decades ago when his research showed wireless technology did cause harm and was not “safe”.   Dr. Henry Lai was “war gamed” long ago after publishing his findings of DNA damage from wireless exposure.  These people were not idiots and actually knew what they found was true.  The only idiots are those continuing to ignore what a danger wireless technology is to the continuance of life on this planet.

= = =

From: Finlay MacPherson  
To: “rpb brp” <rpb_brp@hc-sc.gc.ca>
Sent: August 4, 2019
Subject: Health Canada’s Safety Code 6

Dear Radiation Protection Branch Management,

Myself and many other Canadians, as well as countless expert non-industry funded researchers, are absolutely disgusted by the misinformation posted online at the following link:


It is a dereliction of duty for Health Canada to continue ignoring research findings showing what a farce Safety Code 6 actually is.

The life damaging biological effects of exposure to electromagnetic radiation, particularly that from pulsed microwaves, have been scientifically proven and documented by knowledgeable researchers for over 8 decades, yet Health Canada still persists in publishing misleading information and exposure guidelines that threaten the health of all life, rather than protect it.  What a tremendous waste of taxpayer’s money and a sure way to burden the health care system of the future!  Once rather rare brain glastobliomas (sic) are becoming more common as cell phone users ignore or are totally unaware of the need to maintain a separation distance between their head and cell phone.

Whether you wish to admit it or not, HC Safety Code 6 caters solely to the telecommunication industry and does nothing other than try to prevent people from overheating.  It certainly does not protect Canadians from the DNA damage resulting from the unnatural man-made EMR interfering with a body’s cellular stability by external bombardment billions of times a second. Most recent research indicates there really is no “safe” exposure limit, particularly as the damaging effects become cumulative.

On the “myth and fact” information at the link previously referenced, in my opinion it would be much more truthful to reverse their order and stop ignoring what the recent research is making very clear — HC Safety Code 6 is outdated and requires urgent revision by health experts more knowledgeable than those currently responsible for its non-protective guidelines.  When a couple of school kids growing cress can show how life-damaging EMR exposure is, one would think that even the most ignorant in your department might understand how invalid to Canadian health protection Safety Code 6 actually is.

Perhaps you might learn from Dr. Martin Pall’s findings, attached for your information.  (see link below for attachment)


Finlay MacPherson




 Sharon  Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“We have never had this kind of impending risk to society.”   Dr.  George Carlo – Author of Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards In The Wireless Age


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