2019-08-04 Some smart phones banned in France

1) In this video, bees are shown lying and dying on sidewalks near what the person reporting believes to be 5G transmitters. Here is a comment given on the site from someone who claims to be an insider. Many studies have shown that bees, bats and birds are dangerously affected by RF from 3G and 4G wireless devices, being disoriented and unable to navigate as well as having immune systems impaired. All EMR is harmful and people must be cautioned not to rush to blame 5G as being the only possible threat. This dismisses the fact that 3G and 4G frequencies have been studied and are known to be extremely harmful, and these can penetrate buildings and travel for significant distances.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5IhKHGDKhM&feature=youtu.be   (3 min. video)

“Industry construction expert here. Those towers are not 5g they are 4g. All modern 4g sites are outfitted with 5g capabilities. Not specifically to operate at 5g frequencies, but at the lower band using 4g radios to communicate with the future 5g infrastructure which will be much smaller antennas, every several hundred meters in every direction on every public street. This bee killing phenomenon has been talked about for years inside the industry. All tower climbers can attest to bees getting “drunk” on rf signal coming from the towers, which act as a lure. Heavily concentrated 4g activity like the site featured in this video, can aggregate alot (sic) of frequency, and since its (sic) so low to the ground, it becomes quite dangerous for low flying insects. Blame California city regulations for these “hidden” low height cell structures. We build them up high and away from people for a reason.” 

In the US group that circulated this video, there were discussions about how, after smeters were installed in 2012-2013, bees, butterflies, birds began to be seen less and less often. One woman, an avid gardener, said that recently there are no butterflies and very few bees or birds.

When we write our letters to Councils, MPs, etc. [https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/contact/], this should be a topic raised, and perhaps this YouTube would bring it home to some — maybe better than a scientific study.

2)  From Timothy Schoechle re smeters; many of his points and arguments apply in BC and our poorly designed, already-being-replaced, over-priced smeter program that was brought in without any public discussion or consideration. 

” You may be interested in my recent testimony to the Iowa Utility Board (IUB) regarding a large AMI deployment by Interstate Power and Light.  I am testifying on behalf of the community of Fairfield, Iowa (Fairfield Safe Meters and others).  About 2000 local customers are seeking to opt out of the new meters and the IUB is considering various acceptable ways to do so.”


3)   Many have argued that the way the Clean Energy Act forced us to have smeters, and removed all regulatory oversight of the entire program, was illegal. We have argued that our rights and freedoms have been trampled — the Charter grants us the right to determine what we want to use on or in our homes, and to refuse to allow something that is dangerous.  We know that the meters are dangerous fire hazards and that they emit microwave radiation that has been proven to be harmful. We know that ITRON has admitted to gathering and transmitting data of a personal and very detailed nature that is not needed for billing purposes, and this is illegal under both the Electric Tariff and the Clean Energy Act. 

This YouTube from the US outlines some of the legal arguments that are being put forward.  There could be some good suggestions/ideas in the document which has been provided.

Introducing Powerful Document For Legally Fighting Wireless Hazards

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8nq2b386gE&feature=em-uploademail   (18 min. video)

Here is the document, which I have not read.  Remember, this has been written with US laws in mind, but some of the legal concepts could be applicable in Canada.


4) Some smart phones that exceeded the SAR guidelines in Europe (which are exceedingly high) were withdrawn from France. Frustrating to Dr. Arazi is the fact that the many other cell phones which, too, exceeded the SAR limit are still being sold and used in France — just as they are in Canada and the US.  Dr. Arazi is not giving up and neither should we. In fact, it’s time for a campaign to allow people to know that their cell phones exceed allowable exposure limits. 

“New smartphone withdrawals in France: Time to move up a gear in Europe”

From Dr. Marc Arazi, President of Phonegate Alert:

“Europe must change its approach to bringing mobile phones, tablets and all connected objects to the European market. It is time to move up a gear and put an end to the opacity surrounding the health risks associated with the European Directive”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“You will observe with concern how long a useful truth may be known, and exist, before it is generally received and acted on.”     Ben Franklin

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