2019-07-12 A summary of Dr. Pall’s presentation

1)  Please get involved in the second International Action Day to Stop 5G.  At the links below is a flyer that can be cut in half for a nice-sized handout flyer, an online photo, and a poster that can be sent via emails, put on facebook, etc. Let’s make this big enough to get attention to our request for a MORATORIUM  ON  5G until it’s proven to be safe.

Note email for questions, to volunteer:  stop5GBC@gmail.com  .

Let’s get rallies going in many communities in BC!! Tell me about it so that I can share.

https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Stop-5G-Wireless-network-radiation-exposure-2up-Victoria-Legislature-Steps-July-27-2019.pdf   (flyer)

https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Stop-5G-Wireless-network-radiation-exposure-8.5×11-Poster-Victoria-Legislature-Steps-July-27-2019.jpg  (online photo)

https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Stop-5G-Wireless-network-radiation-exposure-8.5×11-Poster-Victoria-Legislature-Steps-July-27-2019.pdf  (poster)

2) David Hill attended Dr. Pall’s presentation on Bowen Island and has summarized that presentation to share with contacts who were unable to attend. His summary is at a link below this introduction, both of which he kindly agreed to allow me to share.

Email from David Hill:

Quite a few of you are probably aware of my long-standing objection to the way various modern gadgets bathe us all in various forms of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR); and you may also know that a new band of EMR is being opened up for the so-called 5G systems that will shortly be rolled out. Whereas the most recent cell-phone networks used microwaves in the 700 to 850 Megahertz range, some as high as 2,100 Megaherz (2.1 Gigahertz) range having wavelengths of roughly 50 centimeters to 16 centimeters (1.5 to 0.5 feet) respectively, 5G networks will use frequencies in the millimeter wave band — 24 to 86 Gigaherz — much higher frequencies and shorter wavelengths, and therefore containing far more energy. If you go to high enough frequencies, short enough wavelengths, you finally get to EMR regions (in the high ultraviolet, x-rays, and gamma rays) where the radiation is energetic enough to break up and/or reconfigure molecules. These very high energy effects are known as “ionising radiation” because by knocking electrons off an atomic nucleus, a charged ion is produced. At the very highest energy, gamma rays can eject nuclear particles from the atomic nucleus of whatever they hit, or even split the nucleus in a process known as “photo-fission”

The 4G radiation is similar to that which powers your microwave oven, but at a much lower power. In fact, the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), in the context of bathing us all in various types of EMR, bases its safety limits for the emissions at a level that does not cause significant heating effect in use. But keep your cell phone half to one inch away from your head, as is specified in the fine print of the manual you didn’t read! ICNIRP quite reasonably ignores ionising radiation, because communication does not use such energetic radiation.

Problems include the fact that ICNIRP: (a) averages the EMR intensity over a 6 minute period; and (b) ignores the fact that bodies are made of cells which are *not* inert receivers, like a piece of meat or a chocolate pudding in your microwave.  Both (a) and (b) are serious problems in specifying safety limits, given the way things have developed in a world where everyone is using personal equipment that communicates.

Living cells are quite complex structures, containing organelles, mitochondrial DNA, germ cell DNA (the double strand derived from both biological parents of the organism), and all surrounded by a fatty membrane with micro-channels (Voltage Controlled Gates) crossing it to allow nutrients in, and waste to leave (amongst other things).

A nerve cell with its tubular axon connecting to muscles (via motor end plates) and other neurons (via synapses, hundreds or even thousands of them) transmits its information pulses by a quick transfer of chemical ions into the axon and out again which forms a voltage spike because the cell is polarised. Polarisation is established by maintaining an excess of sodium ions (Na+) on the outside and an excess of potassium ions (K+) on the inside. When the cell “fires”, the transfer gates along the axon allow an immediate temporary flow of these ions which depolarises the membrane at that point and then the cell’s metabolism returns the polarisation to its resting state after a short “absolute refractory” period, and the depolarisation spike, or nerve pulse (a few tens of millivolts), travels on down the axon in a sort of domino effect to make its contribution to the organism’s thinking, motor activity, or whatever. After the absolute refractory period expires, the cell becomes increasingly susceptible to a following pulse (the “relative refractory” period) until it reaches its normal state of readiness again. Thus, more vigorous stimulation will produce faster firing than less vigorous stimulation.

But *all* cells have these Voltage Controlled Gates. Voltage Controlled Calcium Gates (VGCCs) are of particular interest because of the results of their activation in other kinds of cells, and that is what Dr. Pall has been studying for a long time, and what my colleague, medical researcher Dr. Stanley Rowlands, at the U of Calgary discussed with me many moons ago when the research was in its infancy.

There is more to it than that, as is explained in my notes on Dr. Pall’s lecture. One specific problem is that the triggering of the VGCCs by externally applied EMR is subject to a very significant amplification of the applied voltage by the organic processes of the cells. We are talking many orders of magnitude. Another problem is that short bursts, and the pairing of short bursts (and 5G frequencies allow very short bursts), produce greater effects than continuous EMR irradiation. Short bursts (a few billionths of a second each) can simply disappear in ICNIRP’s 6 minute averaging procedure. I reproduce a useful analogy raised by Dr. Pall in his lecture concerning the effect of averaging the impact of a bullet over a ridiculously long period of time in order to claim it won’t hurt.

These major effects of applied EMR on living tissues are completely ignored by current ICNIRP safety standards for the intensity and frequency of EMR exposure by ICNIRP, since only heating effects are considered. ICNIRP also seems unaware of the limitations of its measuring methods involving 6 minute averaging in relation to what is actually damaging.

Dr. Martin Pall, a US expert on EMR radiation (as used for wireless communication) and EMR health effects, has called 5G “the stupidest idea in the history of the world.”

Here’s another article of interest that turned up in my Inbox today. It looks at the European experience a little.


It is a useful article and gives some detail on the European resistance. It reports the comment by Dr. Pall reproduced above.

Well, it makes a change from politics though, in fact, politics are of course involved in the legislation (or rather lack of it) that allows the ongoing deployment of increasingly unsafe technology.

https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Notes-on-5G-communication-based-on-a-lecture-by-Martin-Pall-David-Hill-PEng-FBCS-July-05-2019.pdf    (the summary)



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