2019-07-10 Let’s plan for July 27, 2nd Action Day to Stop 5G

1)  July 27 is the second International Day of Action to Stop 5G. When the last Action Day occurred, there was only one rally in BC, in Salmon Arm which had a really good one.  Let’s do better this time. We have 2 weeks to organize, make signs, pass the word via social media (rent a kid to help). People need to be educated about what is happening and rallies is a way to raise awareness.

Please let me know what your plans in your community are so I can share, and please advise 5G Crisis on their webpage. You also will find ideas for signs, posters, and the rally itself at this link:


We are in the process of planning a rally in Victoria:

5G Rally @ Legislative Buildings, July 27, 2019 from 10-11:30am

It’s a Saturday.  Make your signs. We will have flyers soon and hopefully you will print a few off or email some to your friends and family.




2)  One of the “advantages” for smeters, as presented by many utilities, is time-of-use billing. This is where higher rates apply during hours of peak usage, and are lower at other times such as overnight. BC Hydro and FortisBC have the capacity built into the system to begin this method of charging but have yet to implement it. Utilities promote this as an incentive for reducing bills — don’t use during peak hours, e.g. wash clothes overnight. The fact is that TOU penalizes those who are at home all the time and must have heat or air conditioning — those who are most vulnerable are the elderly, the infirm and those with young children. For those people, bills increase dramatically.

Smart meters not so smart for electricity bills – The Australia Institute

  • “An average household of four that cannot adapt its electricity consumption faces, under time of use charging, increased cost of $429 per year.
  • Even if the household can move 30% of its peak electricity consumption to shoulder usage it still faces an electricity bill of $231, or 10.2% higher than under the flat rate tariff.”


3)  A major US city is using what has been described as a “sonic weapon” to keep teenagers and kids out of parks etc.  If a city will do this, will it consider using milliwave weapons which were, until recently, available only to the military?  This “sonic weapon” sounds like something that could have been used in Cuba to make diplomats ill.

Philadelphia Attacked For Using ‘Sonic Weapon’ To Keep Kids Away From Parks

“The Mosquito, invented in the U.K. back in 2005, is described by the product’s Canada-based North American distributor as a “small speaker that produces a high-frequency sound much like the buzzing of the insect—this high frequency can be heard by young people 13 to 25 years old,” and reaches as far as 130 feet, depending on the set volume….

City officials have deemed the technology to be safe, but it has raised safety concerns overseas. A health regulator in Germany reported that although the risk to teenagers is “relatively low,” for smaller children there is a risk from lengthy exposure, with adults unable to hear and move away. “The onset of dizziness, headache, nausea and impairment is to be expected.”


or https://gizmodo.com/philly-park-officials-criticized-for-installing-devices-1836155211


4)  “Many companies around the world are announcing new 5G trials and potential live 5G networks for customers.  We need to keep an eye on this website.  There are links within the list for more detailed info. about the locales.

5G: The Latest News and Updates

“New 5G information is released daily from around the world. Some companies are starting 5G trials in new cities, others are announcing when customers can order their 5G service, and some businesses are releasing new ideas for how 5G will change the way we live.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

If you cannot convince them, confuse them.    ~ Harry S. Truman



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