2019-07-09 EMR responsible for lead in water?

1)  Here is a short video that would be good to share with people who are unfamiliar with 5G.  A good overview.

5G Wireless: A Dangerous ‘Experiment on Humanity’

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_f9gpg4t6c&fbclid=IwAR2AbQ-N-oAS7txqCb5d8cUylCNAWl-8H7JXxTCSRsnicc82NU_nqetggv4    (6:46 min. video)

2)  It is so very important that info about 5G get into as many diverse journals/media/facebooks as possible because this is the only way people have a chance of learning about what is happening. While the “benefits” of 5G are being developed and problems fixed, we will be irradiated by the 3G and 4G transmitters outside our homes, increasing the level of electrosmog to which we are exposed by many, many times. As shown by the maps of “nodes” on www.emrabc.ca , there are many microcells throughout BC already – and measurements have shown that high levels of RF are being emitted.

False promises? Experts say the marketing hype around 5G is misleading

“When industry leaders gathered at the Mobile World Congress trade fair in Barcelona this summer, they warned that consumers may initially be disappointed by 5G because the promised benefits are many years from fruition. Promises such as robot surgeons and self driving cars that can communicate with one another through the cloud may turn out to be disappointments at first. Even though 5G has the potential to eliminate the lag time when mobile data is sent or received, it will not be an immediate benefit. According to Yannick Sadowy, the director for Accenture, 5G will not eliminate latency for smart phones until 2023 or even as late as 2025. It will take a decade or longer before 5G begins to produce the results that the industry has promised. In the meantime, prepare to have your brain bombarded by constant short bursts of untested microwave radiation.”


 3)  High levels of lead in Chicago’s drinking water could be related to smeters’ installations.

Water meter installations suspended after city finds spikes of brain-damaging lead in homes 

“According to the report, of 510 homes tested since 2017, 22% had elevated lead levels in tap water, and 7%  had spikes that were three times higher than the FDA standard for bottled water.

The problem is attributed to street work on or near the city’s old lead pipes, plumbing repairs or the installation of the smart meters.”


Years ago, Andrew Michrowski reported on studies that show that microwave radiation accelerates corrosion, so the connection between lead in water and smeters is very likely. This article was in the March 26, 2016 update in which there was a report that BC Hydro was replacing concrete poles (that have rebar) with wooden ones. With the increase of EMR due to the microcells and, eventually, from the 5G transmitters, this corrosion will occur even more quickly.  Physical infrastructure will be affected.

“Likewise, one can see which urban areas are exposed to elevated levels of microwave emissions: where sewer and telephone service covers rust – actually powder away rather than just coat themselves with oxidation, where fire hydrants crumble – even if installed within the previous 6 months – that is likely to be a zone subject to microwave emissions. Normally, such fittings last problem–free for decades. This is an effect of enormous burden to tax and rate-payers.”

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http://media.withtank.com/81d0a1eeb1.pdf   (pg. 9)

[or  https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Electromagnetic-fields-High-level-microwave-technology-concerns-by-Andrew-Michrowski-EMF-EMR-Forum-by-h.e.s.e.-Project-November-26-2011.pdf]


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“If we remain silent, we kill freedom, justice and the possibility that a society armed with information may have power to change the situation that has brought us to this point.”                               ~Anabel Hernández



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