2019-07-08 A map that shows microcells in your town

1)  Please see the letter below from a politician who, unnoticed,  attended Dr. Pall’s presentation in Nanaimo. There were some who cared enough and who share our concerns.

2) To add to all the other problems with smeters, 5G signals could interfere with smeter signalsWouldn’t it be ironic if the utilities, who are irradiating us with their smeters, could cause delay re. 5G?

Utility Companies Warn That 5G for Unlicensed WiFi Applications Will Threaten Their Wireless “Smart” Meters Which Are Already Awful

“Now utility companies are warning the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) that auctioning off more 5G spectrums for unlicensed and untested WiFi applications will make their horrible “Smart” Meters even worse.  This is on top of the Telecom Industry saying that they have no scientific evidence that 5G is even safe and plenty of researchers saying it’s not.


3)  If you would like to see if there are microcells (small cells) in your neighbourhood, or just to see how many Telus has installed, go to www.emrabc.ca and look under “small cells – node B 4G/5G“.  These boxes that Telus has put up on BC Hydro poles outside homes hold several transmitters, some of which are actively emitting 3G and 4G signals which are the ones that have been sent from cell towers. These frequencies do penetrate buildings and are known to be biologically dangerous. 5G will be activated unless we demand of our politicians that this horror be stopped.

4)  An update on Phonegate in which 90% of the phones tested were found to emit radiation that exceeded the very generous guidelines. There has been no media coverage about this in North America, no effort to warn people that the phones they are holding to their heads or wearing in their pockets could well be even more dangerous than previously thought. The media in North America either is owned by telecoms or have very close relationships with them — resulting in a silence that prevents any news of scientific evidence and is censored entirely. Bent scientists or “experts” spread misrepresentations all for the sake of profit.  Word of mouth is our best weapon.

Phonegate scandal: where are we three years after the alert was launched? 

“And as in the face of any health scandal and mounting scientific evidence, the “strategy of doubt” is in full swing, carried by well-zealous and well-paid soldiers, whether they are “experts”, politicians or “journalists”. All these little people are waving behind the scenes to discredit, manoeuvre and slow down our actions.

And it works! In the United States, a country of freedoms, Phonegate was classified by the American organization Project censored as the 4th most censored subject in 2018. In France, public television, run by former Orange No. 2 Delphine Ernotte, has systematically blocked any possibility of informing millions of mobile phone users of the risks involved.


5)  The webmaster of www.emrabc.ca has done an amazing thing, showing the cell towers in an area of Maple Ridge and showing the radii from each, showing the overlap of signals and radiation. This shows only the macro cell towers and not the microcells that have been installed along the streets or Wi-Fi hot spots. It is amazing and shocking.  No doubt other areas in cities are similarly inundated with radiation just from these towers. Just imagine the schools, hospitals and homes that are within overlapping signals.



From: “leannesalter”  (name given with permission)
To: “Sharon Noble” <citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca>
Sent: July 7, 2019
Subject: Re: Update  2019-07-06   MPs Who Care

Hi Sharon,

I am an elected Director at the Regional District of Nanaimo. Julian Fell is my alternate Director. We both attended the meeting with Dr. Pall in Nanaimo. We listened while people stated no politicians were present – we held up our hands to speak to possible solutions and state that we were elected, however we were not given the opportunity to speak. We arrived at 6:30 pm and left after 9 pm. Perhaps those who are speaking should ask if there are any councillors etc. in the audience rather than assuming none came.

The information from Dr. Pall was very well presented and we were glad to have attended. Having studied EMR for years, I still learned valuable information.

There are solutions – but it means people who live throughout BC, Canada and Internationals will need to unite and pressure governments to address this. One person speaking to a councillor will not likely create the needed change.

Information, education and understanding where this directive is coming from is key.


Director Leanne Salter

Area F



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.”          – Bernie Sanders



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