2019-06-29 A great debate in the UK Parliament re. EHS and 5G

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1)  Telecoms want to merge to enhance ability to deploy 5G throughout the US.  4 states are suing to oppose this merger.

Four more states join lawsuit opposing Sprint/T-Mobile US merger

 “Reuters reported that the chief of the antitrust bureau in the New York attorney general’s office said during a Friday hearing on the case that Hawaii, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Nevada will be listed on an amended complaint that would be filed with the court. That amended complaint was not yet available on Monday morning. 

Those four states have joined the state AGs, led by New York and California and including the District of Columbia, which filed a suit in Southern District of New York earlier this month seeking to head off the merger before the Department of Justice and the Federal Communications Commission give their final decisions on whether to allow it…. 

Although the Department of Justice and the Federal Communications Commission have not yet officially weighed in on the merger, the outlook appeared positive for the New T-Mobile (as the would-be merged company is called) in recent weeks. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai indicated that the merger has his support after public commitments from T-Mobile US and Sprint on items such as its timeline for nationwide 5G deployment, service to rural areas and divesting prepaid brand Boost Mobile. FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr also said publicly that he will support the merger.”


2)  A real campaign for the use of the smeter and the “smart” grid by, or to enhance, the IoT. The smeters will have access to all the data from “smart” things in the home from fridges and stoves to hair dryers, etc. The cloud will be loaded with personal data obtained by the smeter and transmitted, without your knowledge or permission, to whatever 3rd party wants it. This is the purpose for the smeters, the grid and 5G. To get, share and sell our data.

Tapping into the Potential of Internet of Things in Utilities 

“Traditionally, monitoring energy consumption in real-time was not possible with power grids. But, smart grids offer real-time data that can help utility providers carry out demand-based power generation and distribution. With this approach, providers can distribute a utility based on consumption. For instance, electricity companies can distribute more power to areas such as corporate hubs and industrial zones compared to residential areas, where power consumption may be relatively low. By leveraging IoT in utilities, companies can optimize utility generation and develop customized distribution strategies

 Around 13.08 million people owned a smart home appliance in 2018 and smart home appliance owners are predicted to rise to 17.26 million in 2019. A significant advantage of these devices is that consumers can remotely control them. With the help of smart home appliances, consumers can restrict energy usage. Utility providers can incentivize low energy usage for certain time periods as well…. 

Smart meters can automatically collect accurate data about power consumption. With the implementation of IoT in utilities, organizations can monitor every smart meter remotely.”


3)  A very good debate in the UK Parliament on electromagnetic fields, health effects, EHS, and 5G.   An excellent presentation by a member addressing EHS, asking why the government is misleading the public and hiding information on its website, and pressing for white zones where people can escape to heal. A call for the Precautionary Principle.

Electromagnetic Fields: Health Effects – Hansard


The TV coverage of the debate is available at: 4.35pm  (16:35)



Subject:  Safety Code 6 offers no protection for damaging health effects

Date:    25 June 2019

From:  Finlay MacPherson  (name give with permission)

To:   Editor@quesnelobserver.com

Dear Editor,

Before everyone gets excited over how great 5G wireless technology is, or for that matter any other type of wireless technology, people should be made aware of the real fact that such technology has very serious long term damaging health effects.  Read the attached research of Dr. Martin Pall if you have any doubt of this fact. (https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/5G-Great-risk-for-EU-US-and-International-Health-Compelling-Evidence-for-8-Distinct-Types-of-Great-Harm-Caused-by-EMF-Exposures-by-Martin-L.-Pall-May-17-2018.pdf)

Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 ignores the proven DNA damaging effects of non-ionizing radiation on all life.  It only provides protection from unwanted thermal (heating) effects.  The wireless industry removes funding from any researcher finding health damage due to wireless radiation exposure and daring to publish such information.  Wireless industry promoters, much like those in the past promoting pesticides, tobacco, asbestos and other toxic products, do everything possible to downplay any real facts becoming common knowledge.  Current Safety Code 6 exposure limits are still based on what industry developed in 1996 to ensure damaging health effects are ignored.  Calling for more studies while ignoring what is already known just delays the inevitable truth that we are all being slowly killed by the unnatural and invisible pulsed microwaves emitted by all wireless devices.

Most of our government and health authorities still remain ignorant of the actual research first done by the military and proving wireless radiation does damage health, and at levels far below those of Safety Code 6.  This information has been known for almost 80 years, yet the wireless industry does not want you to know the real facts as they continue to inundate humanity with cell phones, smart meters and other devices.  Even though their profits are in the trillions of dollars, the health risk is so great that no insurance company will provide health damage coverage for any of them.

Do a bit more research before parroting how protective Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 is.  Understand the propaganda and brainwashing being done in the world today to make sure you keep buying more wireless devices.  Then you might wake up like many others have done to realize the insanity of continuing to use any type of wireless technology.  So far, there is no proof of any “safe” exposure limit, but lots of proof the wireless technology is health damaging and cumulative.

Finlay MacPherson




Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

 A:  Free radicals damage DNA

 B: Non-ionizing radiation creates free radicals.

 C: Therefore, non-ionizing radiation can damage DNA



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