2019-05-23 ISED’s policies re. siting of towers ignored on Salt Spring (see letter)

1)   Dr. Ronald Powell shared some videos that will be shown on Maryland public television and, hopefully, they will be shown on other public stations. Perhaps you can get a station in your area to play them.   

“Maryland Public Television (MPT) will shortly present two programs on wireless technology, including cell phones, cell towers, tablet computers, and Wi-Fi.  These programs will especially interest those who care about their health and the health of their children and grandchildren.

These programs are episodes of Burt Wolf’s “Travels and Traditions” series.  Interviews are included with some of the world’s leading experts on the impact of wireless technology on health.  The programs are also posted on the Internet.  Here is where you can see each of them.”

“Travel and the Danger of Radio Frequency Radiation”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mf-Efnk7g4k   (25 min.)

“A short guide to cell phone safety” 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5t2pdDYHtnY   (24 min.)

2)  The telecoms refuse to tell their customers of the potential harm that could result from the use of their wireless gadgets, but they advise their investors that lawsuits could be coming, and  THEY  HAVE  NO  INSURANCE  PROTECTION.  Yet our government’s health authorities and the Cancer Societies say there is no reason for concern….

  “Regarding the cell phone and cell tower companies warning their investors regarding possible health effects (and their impact on earnings), but not their users, which was covered in the cell phone safety episode, here are some of the warnings”, https://ehtrust.org/key-issues/corporate-company-investor-warnings-annual-reports-10k-filings-cell-phone-radiation-risks/ :

 Crown Castle International Corp. (one of the largest cell tower companies)  2017 Annual Report

“If radio frequency emissions from wireless handsets or equipment on our wireless infrastructure are demonstrated to cause negative health effects, potential future claims could adversely affect our operations, costs or revenues…The potential connection between radio frequency emissions and certain negative health effects, including some forms of cancer, has been the subject of substantial study by the scientific community in recent years. We cannot guarantee that claims relating to radio frequency emissions will not arise in the future or that the results of such studies will not be adverse to us…We currently do not maintain any significant insurance with respect to these matters.””

Verizon Communications Inc.   2017 Annual Report

We are subject to a significant amount of litigation, which could require us to pay significant damages or settlements....In addition, our wireless business also faces personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits relating to alleged health effects of wireless phones or radio frequency transmitters…In addition, we may be required to pay significant awards or settlements.”

T-Mobile US, Inc.  2017 Annual Report

“Our business could be adversely affected by findings of product liability for health/safety risks from wireless devices and transmission equipment, as well as by changes to regulations/radio frequency emission standards.

Microsoft Corporation  2017 Annual Report

“U.S. cell phone litigation…Nokia, along with other handset manufacturers and network operators, is a defendant in 19 lawsuits filed in the Superior Court for the District of Columbia by individual plaintiffs who allege that radio emissions from cellular handsets caused their brain tumors and other adverse health effects. We assumed responsibility for these claims as part of our acquisition of Nokia’s Devices and Services business and have been substituted for the Nokia defendants.”


3)  We warned BC Hydro that smeters will interfere with and be interfered by wireless devices such as cell towers and phones, Wi-Fi modems, etc. Now there is concern that 5G will interfere with smeters.  And, I wonder, will other wireless devices interfere with 5G transmitters.?  And all of these wireless signals are capable of interfering with medical devices, like pacemakers and deep brain implants — in addition to our cardiac and neurological systems.

Utility Companies Warn That 5G for Unlicensed WiFi Applications Will Threaten Their Wireless “Smart” Meters Which Are Already Awful

“Utility companies won’t admit it but their wireless “Smart” Meters have been nothing but trouble from the jump.  Tens of millions have been installed in the U.S. and around the world and people everywhere (including elected officials) have been fighting to get them off their homes and out of their communities (see 12, 3).  These meters have been associated with so many problems (including fires and explosions) that there was even a documentary produced about them. 

Now utility companies are warning the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) that auctioning off more 5G spectrums for unlicensed and untested WiFi applications will make their horrible “Smart” Meters even worse.  This is on top of the Telecom Industry saying that they have no scientific evidence that 5G is even safe and plenty of researchers saying it’s not.”



From: “Oona McOuat”   (name given with permission)
To: “Elizabeth May C1D” <Elizabeth.May.C1D@parl.gc.ca>
Cc: “Elizabeth May” <emay@magma.ca>
Sent: May 23, 2019
Subject: TIME SENSITIVE – CREST Breach of ISED Policy

Hello Kaylea & Elizabeth,

I hope this finds you both well.

Just a reminder that the SSI Local Trust Committee is slated to vote on the proposed Legion siting of the CREST radio tower this coming Tuesday, May 28.

In an article in yesterday‘s Driftwood (attached)[see below the signature], in response to the consultation process for this siting Trust Rep Peter Grove said: (sic) “It seems to me they could not have anything much more than they did.”

What they could and should have done of course is follow ISED’s Default Public Consultation Protocol as required. There is a clear distinction between promoting an upgrade to emergency services (coloured flyer with kids in fire-hats on it) and adequately informing citizens that a radio tower is about to be built by their homes and workplaces.

In a report that appears in the online agenda package for the upcoming May 28 Trust meeting, Trust planner Geordie Gordon states:

“The default process outlined in the CPC is currently the primary guiding document for proponents looking to locate telecommunication towers on Salt Spring Island.” – Why then, in the siting of the Legion tower, is CREST not obliged to follow it?

Your timely attention to this important matter is most appreciated,

All the Best,


Oona McOuat.com

Telecommunications – CREST information requested – VHF tower applicant gathering site analysis data by Elizabeth Nolan – GI Driftwood (p.1 cont’d p.2) – May 22, 2019 – https://www.facebook.com/207803029263762/photos/a.660408907336503/2476433285734047/?type=3&theater     

(click on photos to enlarge)



CREST’s criteria to be explained – GI Driftwood (p.2 cont’d from p.1 see posting below) – May 22, 2019 – https://www.facebook.com/207803029263762/photos/a.660408907336503/2476437575733618/?type=3&theater



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters 

The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.    – George Orwell



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