2019-05-22 CBS estimates at least 300,000 5G microcells in US

1)   This information, along with the many studies and articles about 5G that have been in updates, should be given to every mayor, councillor and regional trustee. There is no need to bend to the corporate (Telus) push to have these things in front of our homes. Wireless is not the best means of providing fast internet. Fiber optic cable right to the home without any wireless component provides faster, more efficient, more private, more secure (harder to hack) service and it doesn’t irradiate. It is possible for communities to have their own network to provide faster, safer, more secure service that they own and control — using fiber optic cable. And this service can be owned by the community with residents paying for service. A real win-win for local governments and their constituents. Many Canadian communities have done it already. See:  http://connected-communities.ca/

5G Danger: 100s Of Respected Scientists Sound Alarm About Health Effects As 5G Networks Go Global

 “…  5G networks will use technology that is completely different from 4G networks.

5G waves are “ultra high frequency” and “ultra high intensity”, but they are also easily absorbed by objects such as buildings and trees.  So although cell towers will be much, much smaller, but they will also have to be much, much closer together than before.  According to CBS News, it is estimated that the big cell phone companies will be putting up at least 300,000 of these small towers, and it has been projected that it will cost hundreds of billions of dollars to fully set up the 5G network nationwide.”


2)  A video lecture/slide presentation by David Fancy as part of a series of videos on awareness and education on environmental sensitivities.

Electrical Hypersensitivity (EHS) and the ‘Social Model’ of Disability – David Fancy, Ph. D

“The most common way of thinking about EHS is that it is a medical disability. Understanding EHS in these terms means understanding the specific physiological pathways that cause what is generally understood to be a ‘pathological’ condition. Although this kind of understanding is necessary and useful, there are other important ways of conceiving of EHS. What if we were to flip the script? What if we understood the disability to be the result of the inaccessibility of the spaces that EHS people find themselves in, instead of a limitation or sickness of the EHS person?Drawing from insights from the ‘social model of disability’ this presentation identifies how the current cultural moment presents systematic barriers, negative attitudes and ongoing electromagnetic wounding that puts the responsibility on society for being the main contributing factor in disabling EHS persons.”

http://www.aseq-ehaq.ca/videos-may-12-2019/?lang=en   (29 min)

3)  It has become commonplace for doctors to offer/order pregnant mothers to have ultrasounds even if there is no suspected medical reason justifying this action. To know the sex, to see the baby, these are not good reasons to expose a fetus to this radiation, but most doctors don’t know the dangers, and neither do the soon-to-be parents.

Ultrasound Pregnancy Risks – Latest Research About The Dangers

“Yet despite this common knowledge, the medical establishment is routinely and excessively exposing pregnant women to ultrasonic technology that emits both DNA-damaging radiation and is known to cause dangerous levels of heating (including heating of the amniotic fluid).

Both ultrasound scans and Doppler fetal heart monitors have been repeatedly documented to cause extreme localized temperatures, that can lead to neurological defects, spina bifida, deformations in the head and brain, microcephaly, heart irregularities and defects, and other serious harm.

Ultrasonically-induced fetal growth retardation (documented in literally dozens of studies as mentioned above) may be due, in part, to restrictions in bone growth caused by bones absorbing excess radiation heat.”


4)  During its first year since the Phonegate report,  media in many countries have spread the results of Dr. Arazi’s study which found that many (most?) of the cell phones in use today emit levels of radiation that exceed the dangerously high allowable limits.  But in North America the public, the customers of the telecoms, have not been allowed to have access to the results of this study. The telecoms fight any effort to allow anyone to know even the basics that are legally required to be in their manuals — to not have cell phones next to any part of the body while turned on. Profit at any price — even the health of your children.

Minutes of the first Phonegate Alert General Assembly

“All the contacts made during 2018 made it possible to establish formal and informal relations with organizations or individuals in more than thirty countries, for which we are making an initial assessment:…

The development of these relationships has led to more or less extensive media coverage in some 20 countries. Among the notable elements, we would like to highlight the work of Italian national television journalists with the broadcast of a report on the Phonegate in November 2018.

On the other hand, we are seeing real difficulties in the United States despite our efforts and those of our partner Environmental Health Trust. This has led the American organization Project Censored to classify in 2018, the subject “Phonegate scandal” as the 4th most censored on the other side of the Atlantic.

The launch of the development of 5G technology and its consequences on a global scale make it necessary to be able to further accelerate the movement of our actions in order to make people understand the widespread deception of which these industrialists have been guilty.”



It’s good to be reminded that we are not alone….

From: Yasuko KATO <yas-kato20@nifty.com>
Date: May 20, 2019
Subject: Re: February 2019 Stop Smart Meters! Bulletin: Urgent Call to Action on 5


Hello all,

Please approve the request to improve an environment in school for EHS& MCS children in Japan  (deadline: 26 May, 2019)

There is one junior high school boy who developed Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) in Japan. It is difficult to learn in the school for him, due to radiated EMF from the electronic/electrical equipment in school. His teachers and friends come to his home, and help him study now. But it is very difficult that he go to high school.

So, he is considering to go to a correspondence high school. But, he can’t use any public transportation and family car, due to his symptoms. He can’t learn via internet and radio which makes him ill. It is very difficult to enter in the classroom for an examination and a schooling, due to chemicals.

There are many children like him in Japan. His parents will request the measurement and improvement in school to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Please let me know your name and country, if you approve this request, by 26 May, 2019.

Thank you

Yasuko Kato

Journalist, director of Life-Environmental Network

The requests

1.Please let us know the results of a fact-finding survey on the number of elementary, junior high, senior high, and university students who are unable to attend school due to EHS or MCS, if the Ministry have conducted it.
In addition, if a fact-finding survey has not been conducted, please conduct the survey as soon as possible and inform to public.

2.Please provide the guidance and notifications on the measures that schools should take for EHS and MCS children that have been issued by the Ministry.
In addition, if there are plans to issue guidance and notifications in the future, please provide such information.

  3.Please provide the details and information on specific details of the case where the symptoms of EHS or MCS are mild and it is possible to commute to school due to the consideration given by schools, teachers, boards of education, etc., if the Ministry is aware of them.

4.Please provide the content and information of specific measures taken by schools and boards of education for children with severe EHS and MCS who are forced to study at home, If the Ministry is aware of them.

5.As for schooling and examinations in the correspondence high schools, it is essential to study and implement a certain number of times and hours in schools and classrooms. However, EHS and MCS children are not able to obtain the credits to graduate due to difficulties in learning in schools and classrooms. At first, an entrance examination and an interview become difficult, then an entrance is also difficult. Please let me know if there is an alternative method such as visiting a teacher to learn, taking an examination at home, or conducting a schooling.
In addition, if there is no alternative method for the implementation of schooling, please consider and prepare the system as soon as possible based on the Discrimination Act for Persons with Disabilities. Because, my eldest son will be going to high school next year. Please also inform us of the details and results of these measures.

I have heard that there are some cases in which the implementation of schooling is not properly implemented. However, it is also necessary to create a system to prevent misuse by requiring the presentation of medical certificates and written opinions by doctors for children who have difficulty in implementing schooling, including EHS and MCS.

With my best  wishes,



Yasuko KATO
Life-Environmental Network (http://www.ehs-mcs-jp.com/)


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” — Aldous Huxley


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