2019- 05-09 Upcoming conference re. privacy, BCCLA

1) An upcoming free event, May 23, put on by the BC Civil Liberties Association, in Richmond.  This would be a very good place to discuss BC Hydro’s affiliation with Urjanet which gathers and sells personal data obtained via the smeters.

Join the BCCLA for a Free One Day Conference Exploring Policing Data.

“On Thursday May 23rd, the BCCLA, the BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association, and Kwantlen Polytechnic University are hosting a day of educational exploration, tackling pressing topics about privacy, surveillance, and policing in Canada.

Tickets are free but extremely limited.  Please book your seat today!”


2)  There is a lot of confusion about 5G (5th generation) and 5G (technology)as displayed in this article about the cancer clusters at the school in Modesto, CA.  But this is good — even though it is not 5G technology, this will get people’s attention. Sprint is suing AT&T for misrepresenting its product as being “5G technology”.

Sprint Shuts Down 5G Tower Amid Ripon Elementary Parents’ Protest

“Recently, officials for the Glastonbury music festival announced it will use 5G networks for attendees. But the announcement drew more critics than supporters. Switzerland officials claim they will now monitor 5G effects and make public their findings.

5G network technology is undoubtedly becoming a new social battleground.”


[Weston Elementary School (Sprint cell tower), Ripon, California] Victims: Brad Rex, (Cancer tumour on liver), Kyle Prime (Wilms tumor), Mason Ferrulli (Brain Ependymona), 4th Student, 3 Staff Members (Cancer), 2 Pre-schoolers (malignant Tumor and Leukemia), Previous Student (22 years old, Brain Tumor removed) – https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2019-03-28-an-11-year-old-glio-victim-from-parksville/ – see 2)


Here is the info about the lawsuit.



Penticton City Council

Dear Mayor John Vassilaki,

Dear Councillors Bloomfield, Kimberley, Regehr, Robinson, Sentes and Watt,

Re: proposed installation of Freedom Mobile cell transmitter tower on 1953 Dartmouth Road

I am deeply concerned about the proposed installation of subject transmitter tower, whose radiation has been re-classified as a possible carcinogen by the WHO, in 2011.  Adding another cell tower will further increase the unhealthy radiation levels in our community!

The latest research, the massive 10 year, US government funded, National Toxicology Program (NTP) [1] and 10 year, Italian Ramazinni Institute study [2], at a cost of 28 and 25 million dollars, clearly showed adverse biological effects, at levels well below those allowed by Canada’s Safety Code 6. This evidence proves that having a cell tower at this location will put people in unnecessary harms’ way, without a doubt!

Freedom Mobile’s agent, Chad Marlatt, is referring to the long obsolete Health Canada Safety Code 6 (SC6), which does not address the non-thermal biological effects, absolutely not!

Marlatt confirms that Freedom Mobile is complying to SC6.  Health Canada’s own James McNamee, admitted in a Quebec Superior Court, that non-thermal biological effects are not considered in SC6 [3].

Penticton staff made some referral to council, but as far as I know, none from staff has any knowledge about the wireless EMR issues. It seems to me that Council did not make an informed decision.

When staff remains uninformed of the latest science, without clearly understanding the serious health implications, Council is not qualified to make such decisions!

Reminder: Bill 23–2008 of the British Columbia Public Health Act, section 83 (1), a municipality must take action when it learns of something that could be harmful to its residents [4].

On the grounds that Council did not receive the necessary information from the other side of the controversial EMR issue, it is imperative that the Letter of Concurrence should be revoked, and an independent expert’s opinion/testimony or skype-conference should be obtained!

Just listening to Marlatt and deciding on his presentation – in my opinion – is a serious conflict of interest, as the council is just siding with a presenter of the industry, instead of scrutinizing, as is their duty.

I would appreciate it if each of you would provide your position about the proposed transmitter towers.

I am including a highly educational science website, by internationally renowned scientist and medical researchers, which will shed an unbiased light on this subject.

This site is loaded with information of the latest science, which is withheld by mainstream media. This is a MUST READ for all decision makers!

To quickly understand the seriousness of cell tower radiation, please start by watching the short video by the eminent cancer researcher, Dr. Anthony Miller, former advisor to the WHO and many international health institutions:


Looking forward to your response,

Thank You

Hans Karow  (name given with permission)

[1]  https://ehtrust.org/wp-content/uploads/NIEHSNationalToxicologyProgramQandAontheRF-EMFStudy.pdf

[2]  https://ehtrust.org/wp-content/uploads/Ramazzini-Institute-Study_-Press-Q-and-A-2.pdf

[3]  https://magdahavas.com/health-canada-admits-safety-code-6-guideline-for-microwave-radiation-is-based-only-on-thermal-effects/

[4]  http://www.bclaws.ca/civix/document/id/lc/billsprevious/4th38th:gov23-3#section83



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Any one who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices.”    Voltaire



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