2019-05-06 Japanese study to replicate NTP loaded with bent scientists.

1)  Article in an investment blog. Maybe if financial investments in 5G seem risky, the marketplace will stop this from proceeding… 

Is 5G Worth The Risks? 

Wireless technology has become so ubiquitous that most of us have been lulled into believing it is safe. Now, the hazards are about to be ratcheted up dramatically. More citizens and legislators need to join those who are actively resisting the reckless push for 5G.”


2)  There is a planned study to replicate a part of the NTP study. Unfortunately, the results are already known because everyone on the steering committee has been a long-time industry supporter — bent scientists or industry people all. Conflicts of interest, biased, bent on disproving or minimizing the NTP study. ICNIRP already has refused to consider this study which even the American Cancer Study called “a game changer”.

“Advisors for Japan, Korea NTP Repeat

The Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is circulating a report on the partial replication of the U.S. National Toxicology Program’s RF–animal study, planned by Korean and Japanese officials. It includes the proposed candidates for the project’s International Steering Committee.

They are:
• Alexander Lerchl, Jacobs University, Germany
• Michael Repacholi, founder of WHO-EMF Project and ICNIRP
• Emilie van Deventer, head of WHO-EMF Project
• Eric van Rongen, chair of ICNIRP
• Vijayalaxmi, University of Texas Health Science Center
• Joe Wiart, Telecom Paristech, formerly France Telecom
• Michael Wyde, NIEHS/NTP” 


3)   A UN report warns that nature is in horrible shape and identifies many causes but, apparently, excludes EMR (according to CBC). That is to be expected given the WHO is an arm of the UN. But you’d think that the UN would at least discuss this as a possible problem given the many Appeals signed by so many experts.

I commented to CBC about their article via their website and sent them this article link which is 6 years old that speaks to Dr. Ulrich Warnke’s study on birds and pollinators.  


Hopefully, someone will read it. And once 5G and the 1,000s of satellites emitting milliwaves intrude into every space on earth, things will get worse.

Nature is in its worst shape in human history, UN report says

“The findings are not just about saving plants and animals, but about preserving a world that’s becoming harder for humans to live in, said Robert Watson, a former top NASA and British scientist who headed the report.

“We are indeed threatening the potential food security, water security, human health and social fabric” of humanity, Watson told The Associated Press. He said the poor in less developed countries bear the greatest burden.”


4)  Non-smeter or EMR:  Site C continues to be another example of BC Hydro and government doing extreme harm to our environment for the sake of large corporations. Sarah Cox documents the devastation. Generations of British Columbians will be paying dearly for this.

Site C will have more significant adverse environmental effects than any project ever examined in the history of Canada’s Environmental Assessment Act

““I was struck by the lack of due process and the misinformation and secrecy that shroud the Site C dam and I wanted to focus on the facts, starting with the myth that big hydro is the most cost-effective way to produce clean electricity.

“Another myth is that the Site C project is ‘green,’ or environmentally friendly. Some of Canada’s leading scholars reviewed the project and found that it will have more significant adverse environmental effects than any project ever examined in the history of Canada’s Environmental Assessment Act. Among other impacts, the Site C dam will destroy habitat for more than 100 species already vulnerable to extinction, including bird, plant, butterfly, bee and mammal species—this at a time when scientists warn we are facing a biodiversity crisis….

“But the list of environmental impacts associated with big hydro projects is lengthy, and casts serious doubt on any claim that the power produced from them is clean in any way. Lost farmlands buried under water, fish poisoned by methylmercury in hydro reservoirs and eradicated habitat and migratory routes for at-risk species are just a few examples why big hydro projects are far from environmentally friendly.” 


5) Below is an email from a member about a new environmental group that might be educated on 5G, “smart” cities, EMR and their effects on the environment.  EMR pollution should be a major part of any Green New Deal. If anyone is going to this meeting, or any meeting, it would be a good place to hand out 5G flyers.


Rise and Resist is a growing community group. They have one in Victoria and I’m sure there are others in other communities, though I’ve not looked at where.

We’ve attended some of their meetings and I’ve asked a number of times if they’re talking about the environmental (carbon footprint of a wireless infrastructure), health or privacy implications of the “smart” city plan with its 5G infrastructure. The last meeting we were at we were told there are other people talking about this but that’s as far as the conversation went and I wasn’t able to follow up. This upcoming meeting in Victoria might be a good place to pose some questions, raise concerns, ask what Rise and Resist and Extinction Rebellions positions are on this issue.

Here is their facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/events/2153399611404526/

Green New Deal Town Hall – Lekwungen Territories/Victoria

Public · Hosted by Rise and Resist

Thursday, May 23, 2019 at 6:30 PM – 9 PM

Fernwood NRG

1240 Gladstone Avenue, Victoria, British Columbia V8T 1G6

Join us for a town hall on the Green New Deal at the Fernwood Community Centre gym!

We are holding this event on Lekwungen territories.

The Green New Deal is a bold vision for tackling climate change and inequality at the same time. That means totally re-organizing our economy to run on 100% renewable energy, creating millions of jobs, respecting the rights, title, and sovereignty of Indigenous Peoples, and enshrining dignity, justice, and equity for all.

The week of May 20 there will be town halls across the country to crowdsource ideas for what a Canadian Green New Deal could actually look like. We have the opportunity to define what it means for our community here in Victoria. We can lobby for massive government investment but we can also start changing the economy ourselves.

We invite people from all walks of life and all movements — Indigenous communities, anti-racist activists, the labour movement, faith groups, anti-poverty activists, environmentalists, and everyday people — to come to the town hall and shape this vision. Bring your friends and neighbours.

~~~The plan for the town hall~~~

At the town hall we will split into breakout groups that will record ideas for what they think must be and cannot be in a Green New Deal.

We will use this information to narrow down a Victoria Green New Deal vision for local organizing. We will also share it with the national coalition of groups called Pact for a Green New Deal who will be using the priorities identified in town halls across Canada to pressure the Federal government.

At the end of the town hall we’ll ask who wants to sign up to keep organizing!

~~How to Get Involved~~

If you are part of any kind of organization that wants to endorse the event and help spread the word, get in touch at:  riseandresist@gmail.com   and we will add you to a list of supporting groups. If you want to help organize or volunteer, send us a message!


The Fernwood Community Centre has ground level or ramp access with accessible washrooms. Their washroom doors do not have an automatic open feature. Their main entrance does have an automatic open feature.


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

 Courage my friends; ’tis never too late to build a better world.” (Tommy Douglas)



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