2019-05-03 Interesting legal tactic in Australia re. 5G, EMR

1)  Dr. Don Maisch today shared a paper he has just completed regarding 5G. He has provided “assurances” from some industry affiliated “experts” (e.g. Rodney Croft) who continue to refuse to acknowledge proof that exposure to microwave radiation is harmful. As well, Dr. Maisch has given a lot of information that we need to know regarding the future of 5G. These quotes are from pages 6-7.

Are community concerns over the 5G network rollout based on unfounded anxiety or valid evidence?

“In early 2019 the Policy Department for Economic, Scientific and Quality of Life Policies Directorate-General for Internal Policies (European Commission), was commissioned by the EC’s Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) to prepare an in-depth analysis on the deployment of 5G technology in the EU, the USA, China, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Singapore and Taiwan.

This report, titled 5G Deployment: State of Play in Europe, USA and Asia, was published in April 2019. The authors point out that the global roll out of 5G is not a short-term race and that “5G is more complex than previous wireless technologies and should be considered as a long-term project to solve technical challenges and develop a clear business case”…

(excerpt from report)…. “One aspect, for example, that is not well understood today is the unpredictable propagation patterns that could result in unacceptable levels of human exposure to electromagnetic radiation.”…

In part, the presentation concluded that with increased human exposure levels from 5G antennas, EMF exposure compliance in some nations will be difficult. To quote: “In countries with EMF limits significantly below the international science-based ICNIRP limits the roll-out of 5G networks will be a major problem”.”


2)   A lawyer in Tasmania, Ray Broomhill, has presented some ideas for legal actions to fight smeters, 5G and, potentially, other sources of involuntary exposure to microwave radiation.  He says that he has used this strategy to achieve successes in several cases. I have written to Mr. Broomhill asking for copies of the legal decisions and hope to get a lawyer to advise if such strategies would be effective in Canada.  There was a conference last weekend where Mr. Broomhill, other attorneys and medical experts addressed EMR health. A video will be provided and I will share when I get it.

Australian Telcos Forced To Cancel 5G Rollout In Sydney

“If the utility ignore your letter and they continue to emit or threaten to emit they have technically assaulted or threatened to assault you with electromagnetic radiation in the legal sense. A simple remedy can then be instituted using your letter as evidence they have not heeded medical advice. We can then commence abatement to stop emissions through councils or in the alternative make court application for restraint via either a peace and good behaviour order, Apprehended Violence Order or protection order depending in which State you reside.”


3)  A connection between GMO and Wi-Fi which could lead to many chronic diseases. Very interesting that both produce peroxynitrite which can cause cellular oxidative injury.  


The common disease-causing link between GMOs and WiFi technology, science reveals

“In a review published in July 2018 in Environmental Research, Dr. Martin L. Pall – a 2013 winner of a Global Medical Research award – showcased the connection between radiofrequency radiation and chronic disease.

According to Dr. Pall, a calcium channel in the cells opens erroneously when the body’s internal electrical environment is disrupted by wireless signals from WiFi and cell phones. This inappropriate opening can cause too much calcium to enter the cell – resulting in the production of a compound called peroxynitrite…

 And, finally, here’s the connection between consuming GMO foods and WiFi … according to Diane Testa, Ph.D., a senior lecturer at Western New England University, eating GMO foods causes increased exposure to glyphosate – which triggers the body to make peroxynitrite. (not good!)

Again, there are many scientists, including Dr. Pall (mentioned earlier in this article) that warn of the threat coming from the increased production of peroxynitrite – caused by exposure to wireless technology and eating GMO foods.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters 

“Public apathy is more powerful than public opinion. There’s more of it.”    Dr. Jim Boren


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