2019-04-24 Organizing to protest CREST transmitter on SSI

1)   Please see the links below for information from Oona McOuat about the CREST antenna being planned for downtown Ganges on Salt Spring Island.   

Please join us rain or shine to make signs at Kim Tebbutt’s next SundayApril 28 at 1:00pm.

NOT In My Backyard, Salt Spring


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2)  New guidelines from WHO re. eliminating/reducing screen time for children which exclude any mention of EMR. While any warning that will reduce exposure is good, failing to include the health risk to EMR is totally reprehensible.



New WHO guidelines on screen time say babies shouldn’t have any

“The World Health Organization has issued its first-ever guidance for how much screen time children under 5 should get: not very much, and none at all for those under 1.

The U.N. health agency said Wednesday that kids under 5 should not spend more than one hour watching screens every day — and that less is better… 

WHO did not specifically detail the potential harm caused by too much screen time, but said the guidelines — which also included recommendations for physical activity and sleep — were needed to address the increasing amount of sedentary behavior in the general population. It noted that physical inactivity is a leading risk factor for death and a contributor to the rise in obesity.”


3)  Despite several Swiss communities protesting and placing a ban on 5G until further scientific evidence is available to show it is safe, Swisscom has launched more than 100  5G stations

Swisscom forges ahead with 5G amid safety fears

“The announcement from Switzerland’s largest telecoms company  comes as four cantons in western Switzerland, Vaud, Geneva, Neuchâtel and Jura, moved to suspend authorisations for new 5G mobile antennae, pending a government report on their safety.

 A working group is to present the results of a study to the Swiss government by the end of June. 

5G is divisive in Switzerland. While some people say it’s indispensable for economic development, others are afraid of the increased radiation coming from the antennas. The result is that antenna construction projects are running into petitions, political interference and opposition.”



4)   Update on the Central Saanich hearing re. the new cell tower held on April 23. There will be a second hearing (I do not have the date yet) because the Council wishes to obtain more information. If you wish to watch the video for the hearing, at which there were 2 presentations about the health concerns of EMR, you can find it here:

http://centralsaanich.ca.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=2&clip_id=996   (for April 23, 2019)

This will give people more time to submit comments (emails are okay) to:

Mayor and Council <municipal.hall@csaanich.ca>


Another example of having to fight to get a response from this government, even a response that is erroneous and non-responsive.

Subject:  Ministry of Health Response

Date:       17 Apr 2019

From:     HLTH HSD HLTH:EX <Hlth.HSD@gov.bc.ca>

To:          Janis Hoffmann  (name given with permission)


Dear Ms. Hoffmann:

Thank you for your emails of January 25, 2019, and March 22, 2019, expressing concerns regarding previous correspondence sent to Dr. Bonnie Henry. Deputy Minister Stephen Brown has asked me to respond on his behalf. Please accept my apologies for the delayed response.

Regarding your concerns that your correspondence was recorded as “For Your Information” (FYI) and placed on a list as a “frequent writer”, I can advise that the documents you are referring to are printouts from the Ministry of Health’s (the Ministry) electronic tracking system which manages documents for data entry, tracking, searching and reporting purposes. The data entry field “frequent writer” allows the Ministry to identify authors of incoming correspondence that have had recurrent interaction with the organization and enables ease of cross referencing of incoming correspondence.

Regarding the word “Monsanto” included as the subject matter for one of the items, I can confirm that you did send two emails to the Ministry of Health on May 3, 2017, regarding the specific topic “Monsanto”. Ministry staff have limited data field space in the electronic tracking system, so must carefully choose key words that will assist in tracking, searching and reporting on specific correspondence topics and volumes, not just as it relates to each specific writer but also to each specific topic.

On the subject of your other questions sent to Dr. Bonnie Henry, regarding current findings and studies about an investigation into the association of cancer with cell phone radiation, Dr. Henry has addressed these issues in her January 4, 2019, email response to you. I can assure you that the Province of BC and the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) are always looking into new information. However, we do not have any further updates at this time. Any new information or changes would be posted on the BCCDC website.

Your correspondence also questioned why Dr. Henry relies on Dr. Kosatsky and the BC Cancer Agency for advice on safety of Wi-Fi in schools. Please note that the Office of the Provincial Health Officer and the Ministry of Health relies on the expertise of the BCCDC, the BC Cancer Agency and Health Canada when determining acceptable levels of exposure.

You also asked why there are no regulations for non-ionizing radiation. Health Canada administers the Radiation Emitting Devices Act, which governs the sale, lease and importation of radiation emitting devices. Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 sets out recommended limits for safe human exposure to electromagnetic fields. The exposure limits in Safety Code 6 are in accordance with the recommendations of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), which have been adopted by the United Kingdom, Europe, and most other countries outside of Canada and the United States. While Safety Code 6 is a guideline, its application is a legislated requirement of several regulatory frameworks including the Canada Labour Code, Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, Radiocommunication Act, and WorkSafeBC Policy.

Your correspondence also questions why a “known 2b carcinogen” is an acceptable risk in schools. In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as ‘Class 2b – Possibly Carcinogenic to Humans’. This indicates that the evidence is far from conclusive and more research is needed to clarify the possible link to cancer. Furthermore, all sources of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields in all areas accessible to the general public in Canada (including public schools) are required to meet the exposure limits in Safety Code 6. Current scientific evidence supports the assertion that, as long as radiofrequency electromagnetic field levels remain below the exposure limits outlined in Safety Code 6, there is no danger to the public.

I hope you will find this information helpful in clarifying the Ministry and the Provincial Health Officer’s positions on the issues surrounding your investigation and previous correspondence. Please note this will be our final correspondence on this topic.


Thomas Guerrero

Executive Director


Improvement through every concern.

Patient Care Quality Offices

= = =

Dear Tamara Michell

We would like to remind you that we still haven’t received a response to our letter dated Dec 28, 2018. This is a major health crisis that cannot be ignored!


Janis Hoffmann

= = =

Dec. 28. 2018

Dear Tamara Mitchell,

Currently my grandson who is now 13 years old, has a chronic health disability, EHS (electro hypersensitivity), which means with accumulative and prolonged exposure to microwave radiation from wireless technology, he experiences severe headaches, accompanied with vomiting, extreme fatigue, insomnia and now night terrors. T, like many others, has been denied accommodation in our public schools forcing them into a life of isolation. Attached Tyler’s Story. Mr. Marcus Schluschen has asked me to send you some information about the response we have received from our government officials regarding the proven health risks to our children from wireless technology.

Parents, teachers and students are frustrated because we have contacted the Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, Ministry of Health, Mr. Adrian Dix, Ministry of Education, Mr. Rob Fleming, Premier, Mr. John Horgan, requesting an official response to the findings of the US National Toxicology Program Expert Panel who concluded that there is “Clear Evidence of Carcinogenic Activity” and the association of cancer in the heart and brain and cell phone radiation only to be ignored. This information warrants the solicitation of a current letter, re Wi-Fi safety from Dr. Bonnie Henry to ensure the latest peer reviewed studies and recommendations are being applied to make a sound decision regarding our children’s health and well-being in our schools.

All our letters, emails and requests for an appointment to discuss this important health issue have fallen on deaf ears.

The most current letter on file is dated July 2011, from our School Health Officer, Dr. Stanwick, who was unable to provide us with any peer-reviewed studies stating the safety of RF radiation exposure. Dr. Stanwick instead has shifted “the responsibility for professional oversight” to the Provincial Health Officer. Dr. Stanwick, appears to have no educational background on the biological health effects of RF radiation exposure, yet has endorsed the installation of a known 2b carcinogen listed next to lead, DDT, methyl mercury, chloroform, and car exhaust as an acceptable risk in our schools.

On March 26-29, 2018, the National Toxicology Program (NTP), a 10-year study costing the US 25 million dollars, had eleven experts review the reports from the NTP’s cell phone radiation studies. They concluded that exposure to cell phone radiation caused a rare cancer, malignant schwannoma in the heart, and incidences of glioma, a rare, aggressive and highly malignant brain cancer.


Conclusions were based on NTP’s scale of “clear evidence”, “some evidence”, “equivocal evidence”, and “no evidence”. Clear Evidence being conclusive.



Soon after, the Ramazzini Institute also completed the world’s largest animal study on cell tower radiation and confirmed the findings of the National Toxicology Program link to Cancer. This information accompanied with the over 26,000 peer reviewed studies by scientists and medical experts www.emf-portal.org/en is more than enough evidence for the precautionary principal to be applied in order to protect our children.

Ronald Melnick PhD, formerly the Senior NIH toxicologist who led the design of the NTP study on cell phone radiation now a Senior Science Advisor to Environmental Health Trust (EHT) stated, “All of the exposures used in the Ramazzini study were below the US FCC limits. These are permissible exposures according the FCC. In other words, a person can legally be exposed to this level of radiation. Yet cancers occurred in these animals at these legally permitted levels. The Ramazzini findings are consistent with the NTP study demonstrating these effects are a reproducible finding.”

“The evidence indicating wireless is carcinogenic has increased and can no longer be ignored,” stated University of Toronto Dalla Lana School of Public Health Professor Emeritus Anthony B. Miller MD, Member of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of Canada and the UK, and Senior Medical Advisor to EHT who is also a long-term advisor to the World Health Organization.    


The BC Government has failed to do their due diligence and take immediate action to mitigate the risk by informing the School Boards throughout the province of the established health risks associated with long term exposure to microwave radiation by recommending the use of hard wired connections to access the Internet in our schools. For as little as a one time cost of $500 US dollars every classroom would be provided with 40 Ethernet ports plus adapters for their wireless devices, costing about $20 per child, a small price to pay compared to brain surgery, chemotherapy, radiation treatments etc.

Please let me know if you would like any more information.


Janis Hoffmann

Victoria BC



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Dear Deputy Minister Stephen Brown,

We would like to remind you that we still haven’t received a response to our letter dated Jan. 25 2019. We would like to book an appointment to discuss our concerns.


Janis Hoffmann

= = =

Jan. 25, 2019

Dear Deputy Minister Stephen Brown,

We would like an investigation as to:

– Why the Ministry of Health, Adrian Dix and the Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry has put our correspondence on a FYI list of “frequent writers” giving them option NOT to respond to any of our emails? See FOI attached

– Why they listed one of the subject matters as Monsanto?

– Why our Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, has refused to provide us with an official response to the 2018, current findings of the US National Toxicology Program and the supporting Ramazzini Institute Study who concluded there is “Clear Evidence of Carcinogenic Activity” and the association of cancer in the heart and brain and cell phone radiation?

– Why they have ignored more than 27,000 studies that confirm that exposure to RF/EMF is associated with many health effects, including cancers and other serious debilitating effects, like autism, Alzheimer’s, hormone problems, DNA damage, fertility, etc.?

– Why Dr. Bonnie Henry relies on Dr. Kosatsky who appears to have no educational background in the biological effects from RF radiation to advise her on the safety of Wi-Fi in our schools. Dr. Kosatsky stated, “ while I am not a cancer epidemiologist, nor a specialist in the health effects of non-ionizing radiation”?

– Why they rely on the advice of the BC Cancer Agency when this agency clearly have a vested interest in supporting the wireless industry in return for millions of dollars in donations?

– Why we have not been provided us with a copy of these studies and the recent publications that they recently “reviewed” along with the names of the scientists and medical experts?

– Why they keep quoting Safety Code 6 when we all know there are no regulations put in place for non-ionizing radiation?

– Why Dr. Bonnie Henry states that “. . . and we continue to recommend people make personal choices to reduce their exposure.” How can parents make a Personal Choice to protect their children when microwave radiation exposure is mandatory in all our public schools?

– Why a known 2b carcinogen listed next to lead, DDT, methyl mercury, chloroform, and car exhaust is an acceptable risk in our schools?

– We want to know is Cancer an acceptable risk too?

Our Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, and the Ministry of Health, Adrian Dix, has failed to do their due diligence and take immediate action to mitigate the risk by informing the School Boards throughout the province of the established health risks associated with long-term exposure to microwave radiation by recommending the use of hard-wired connections to access the Internet in our schools. For as little as a one time cost of $500 US dollars every classroom would be provided with 40 Ethernet ports plus adapters for their wireless devices, costing about $20 per child, a small price to pay compared to brain surgery, chemotherapy, radiation treatments etc.

We are hoping for a timely response.


Janis Hoffmann

Parents for Safe Schools



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Knowledge is Power.”   Sir Francis Bacon, 1597



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