2019-04-22 IARC urged to review RF classification

1)  After pressure for years and from many, an IARC committee has recommended a review of the classification of non-ionizing radiation but, even though it is categorized as a “high priority”, the committee stalls on the review taking place  2022 at the earliest. What is the matter with these people?  And, there was not complete agreement on the necessity of a review. Industry people on the panel will be hold-outs.

IARC Urged To Revisit RF Risk

Animal Studies Prompt Calls To Upgrade Classification to “Probably Carcinogenic” or Higher

“An advisory committee has recommended that the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) reassess the cancer risks associated with RF radiation. This should be a “high priority,” according to the panel’s report, which was issued last week.

The group, with 29 members from 18 countries, suggests that the new evaluation take place between 2022 and 2024.”


2)  160 Belgian doctors have signed the “Hippocrates Electrosmog Appeal” after witnessing the increasing health problems caused by exposure to EMR. Among other things, they are calling on Wi-Fi to be removed from schools and a moratorium on 5G. At the bottom of the appeal are referenced studies and reports, and another  is a list of at least 2 dozen appeals by doctors and scientists. Any idea how we could get doctors in Canada make a similar appeal?

The text of “Hippocrates Electrosmog Appeal Belgium”

On the eve  of the deployment of  5G, Belgian health professionals sound the alarm

“As healthcare professionals, we deplore more and more pathologies that may be related to environmental components such as the increasing exposure of the population to electromagnetic radiation from wireless.

We are also meeting more and more people with physical disorders potentially related to exposure to electromagnetic radiation. They describe headaches, tinnitus, vertigo, insomnia, skin rashes, muscle and / or joint pain, severe cognitive impairment (attention and concentration deficit, loss of immediate memory), heart problems (arrhythmia, tachycardia), …. These symptoms disappear when the person moves away from the source of exposure. These people suffer from the so-called electro-hypersensitivity syndrome (EHS) syndrome recognized in Sweden as a functional disability. They are often unable to work and experience some form of social exclusion. 

With reference to Resolution 1815 of May 2011 of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and in line with dozens of calls from doctors and scientists around the world , we ask that federal, regional and local public take their responsibilities and the necessary measures to obtain:…..”

https://www.hippocrates-electrosmog-appeal.be/carte   (translation is needed – a box should appear)




3)  Someone in Quebec has submitted a petition to the House of Commons asking for a moratorium on 5G technology until a panel of independent experts declares the technology safe. I hope you will consider signing and asking family and friends to sign as well. At the time of my sending, there were 73 signatures from BC. Let’s double that and more !


42nd Parliament

Initiated by Richard Bernier from Drummondville, Quebec, on April 18, 2019, at 3:04 p.m. (EDT) 


4) An excerpt from an email from Dr. Ronald Kostoff as an introduction to an interview with and a letter written by Dr. Martin Pall in which he accuses various agencies responsible for protecting us with misrepresenting/false information about microwave radiation.

Yesterday, I received notification of a radio interview with Dr. Martin Pall, as well as a letter he has written, concerning the impacts of wireless non-ionizing radiation at the cellular and symptomatic levels.  Dr. Pall has published some of the most credible work in the premier biomedical literature on wireless radiation adverse impacts (especially on voltage-gated calcium channels), and I highly recommend the radio interview 


and the letter  


Near the end of the radio interview ~52:00 to 58:00, Dr. Pall summarizes potential adverse health effects possible in the relatively near term.  He emphasizes potential severe reductions in human reproducibility and cognition in a handful of years

Much of the mainline emphasis of potential adverse impacts from wireless radiation tends to center around carcinogenic effects.  Because of potential lag times between exposure and carcinogenic symptom appearance, these carcinogenic effects may take decades to appear in large scale (although, as Dr. Hardell has shown, ‘heavy’ use of cell phones for a decade can result in significant increases in brain cancers).  But, the potential wide-scale near-term effects postulated by Dr. Pall, based on solid evidence, could be equally damaging.

Dr. Pall addresses electrohypersensitivity (EHS), and how the voltage gating process can become more sensitive with repeated exposure for EHS sufferers.  Given that the processes governing ionic ingress and egress to myriad channels can be altered by toxic chemical exposures (and other toxic stimuli), the combination of non-ionizing EMF and other toxic stimuli has the potential to accelerate the process of abnormal ionic ingress and egress to the cells.  As I showed in my recent monograph on Permissible Exposure Limits, the allowable OSHA chemical exposure limits for the workplace are about two to four orders of magnitude above those exposures shown to cause damage in laboratory experiments.  Even limiting ourselves to the above existing excess exposures to chemical and non-ionizing EMF exacerbates the sensitizing effects of the EMF in isolation.

We are facing an existential problem from excessive exposures to toxic stimuli (including, but not limited to, wireless radiation and toxic chemicals) matched only by climate change due to excess fossil fuel combustion (and other sources of CO2 as well). 

Our meager response to both existential issues does not match the scale or severity of the problem. 

Our government is AWOL on addressing these existential issues and, in many cases, is doing all that it can to exacerbate them.  Protest marches, petitions, research publications, etc, are having minimal impacts on both these human-caused problems.  Far more is required to turn the corner on both these issues, assuming it is not too late for the corner to be turned.”


From Dr. Magda Havas:

Hi Everyone,

I was asked to write a short article on cell phones for kids who have anxiety problems.

Title is :  Could your Wireless Technology be Contributing to your Anxiety? 

One of the people involved with this organization is Meghan Kelleher and she is in cc above.  The organization she works with is called Cam’s Kids Foundation and their mission is to support young people struggling with anxiety.  Here is their website: 


For those of you who are teachers/professor/parents/health care providers and work with young people who use their cell phone and other wireless devices frequently, please share this information with them.  It is meant to make them aware of what some of the early symptoms are of electrical sensitivity.

Feel free to forward to others who may benefit from this information and visit their website.

Here is the link:  



A society that doesn’t protect its children … doesn’t have a future!



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters 

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”     Martin Luther King Jr.


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