2019-04-20 Studies find wifi may cause irreversible brain damage

Wishing you all a Happy Easter or Passover.  There will be no update for April 21.

1)  A recent report reviewed the results of 23 studies that found that Wi-Fi has harmful effects on animals and humans which includes irreversible brain damage. Why are the health and education authorities allowing children to be exposed to this for hours every school day? Please share this with parents and teachers.

WiFi may interact with signaling pathways in the brain, causing irreversible damage

“The pulsed electromagnetic frequencies may be particularly damaging in young children due to the small size of their skulls and reduced skull thickness. This may increase brain exposure to pulsed electromagnetic frequencies.

Pulsed electromagnetic frequencies have also been shown to be particularly potent in embryonic stem cells. As these cells occur at a higher frequency in fetus and children, it further puts them at risk, leading to effects on brain development. This effect is particularly striking considering that WiFi placements are a common fixture around schools these days.”


2) Proposed cell tower in Central Saanich, hearing will be held April 23 at the Council Chamber, Central Saanich Municipal Hall, 1903 Mount Newton Cross Road. According to one member, it seems rather short notice with a sign posted on the property for less than a week. Please see the attached for a letter sent to one of our members


details about the transmitters, with admission that 5G technology is likely to be added, and no mention of health effects. Just hiding behind Safety Code 6.

The member sent his letter with questions toward the end of February and the response was  sent April 10 — with the hearing April 23, allowing no time for further discusson. My guess, from the letter, is that the owner of the property has not been informed about any future legal liability.


3)  Re. the CREST transmitter planned for Salt Spring Island, near a hospital and an elder care center.

The Salt Spring Island LTC meeting will be held on TuesdayApril 30 at Harbour House Hotel @ 9:30 am with short comments made by the public @ Noon:


& http://www.islandstrust.bc.ca/meeting-documents.aspx (will be available from this website on Wednesday, April 24)


4)    A short presentation to Danville, CA Council asking for independent research before microcells are allowed in front of homes. Even if you don’t use Facebook you should be able to watch this video. You may need to scroll down to find it.

5G Truth. Speak Your Truth Even If Your Voice Shakes.

https://www.facebook.com/landman808/videos/10161217449440538  (3:47 min. video)

Misc. request by a member:

Looking for an EHS roommate to share my 2 bedroom Vancouver apt. near Kits Beach.

The shielding upgrades to the apartment (carbon painted walls and ceiling with grounding, foil underlay, and aluminium screens for the summer), naturally, it would be best for me to stay here.

In terms of shielding, here are some of the specs: the N-E corner of the apartment that was once the EMF “hot spot” with a variable reading from 700-1100 mw/square meter, is now only 7-9 mw/square meter. Every other location in the apartment is either comparable or lower. AND, as you know, we have NO Smart Meters in our apartment building, which is a rarity just in itself. The bedroom for rent is in the S-E corner and it gets the morning sun.

contact:  ph_lemay@yahoo.ca



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop  Smart Meters

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