2019-04-17 Mercola covers Cancer Clusters at Elementary School

1) Another excellent article by Dr. Mercola to his readers.

Cell Tower Removed From Schoolyard Due to Cluster of Cancer Cases

“Unlike the 4G technology currently in use, which relies on 90-foot cell towers with about a dozen antenna ports on each, the 5G system uses “small cell” facilities or bases, each with about 100 antenna ports. These cell bases will be mounted to already existing infrastructure such as utility poles.

Ultimately, many if not most homeowners can expect to end up with a 5G cell base mounted right outside or very near their home. Workplaces and educational institutions will also be saturated with MMWs.

Once installed in your neighborhood, you won’t have a choice to opt out of continuous 5G exposure, and research compiled by EMF coach and author Lloyd Burrell and others suggests the proliferation of 5G could turn into nothing short of a public health disaster.”


2)  Solar power in Comox Valley. I realize this is an advertisement (which I don’t like to include in updates) but a member ( not associated with the advertising company)  suggested I share in case there are people who would like to know that there is a program being offered to  learn about solar power and the bulk purchasing of equipment that is being offered. The free information session is April 24.

Buy Solar, Save Money

“Can you harness the power of the sun to save money?  Yes! And thanks to one Comox Valley business, you even combine your purchasing power to save on installation.

Just ask the participants from last year’s Bulk Buy Program, hosted by solar contractor Hakai Energy Solutions and the Comox Valley Regional District.

The residents who took part in the successful inaugural bulk buy solar program saved over $2,200 each by combining their purchasing power for their solar energy systems,…”


3)  Olga Sheean, who lived in BC for some time, has written some excellent letters and reports that you can download and read for free.

EMF publications


[- https://www.emfoff.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/NO-SAFE-PLACE-Letter-to-Gregor-Robertson-240716.pdf








4)  Announcement of a symposium in Toronto on May 31.  The flyer with more information can be found at


Worth considering if you happen to be in the area next month.

Impacts of wireless Technology on Health is to be held at Women’s College Hospital in the Burton Auditorium on May 31, 2019 from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Best regards,

Lynn Marshall MD FAAEM MCFP LM

Education Liaison, Environmental Health Clinic




From: “Jerry Flynn” (name given with permission)
To: wayne@rash.org   (Wayne has a blog)
Sent: April 16, 2019
Subject: FW: Man-made non-thermal radiation – people are forced to be the proverbial “Boiling Frog”

Dear Wayne,

As one former naval officer (lieutenant, commissioned from the ranks, Royal Canadian Navy) to another, why won’t/don’t you help expose what non-industry scientists around the world say is: the greatest crime ever that is still being committed against an unsuspecting and defenseless public? This crime became apparent in 1966 and has worsened as technology has advanced! Non-industry scientists the world-over say that, if implemented, 5G will bring about the end of all life on earth! Seriously! Western governments (led by the USA) are allowing the electric power generation and the wireless and telecom Industries to irradiate the public with hazardous non-thermal electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) emitted by common 50/60 Hz electricity, and the pulsed non-thermal EMFs emitted by all of today’s extremely profitable radio frequency (RF) devices, e.g.: cell phones, cordless phones, cell phone towers, baby monitors, smart meters, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices, tablet and laptop computers, etc.

Please see my following letter, addressed to the Council of the organization that co-ordinates all law societies in Canada, for the legal community in the USA is just as uninformed of what is happening to them – and to all Americans!  This problem originated in the USA, despite former US President Dwight Eisenhower’s warning in 1961: for the American people to be on guard against the emergence of a corrupt US Military-Industrial-Complex!

The only other former military guy that I know is fighting this crime is former British naval officer, Barrie Trower, who is known around the world for being an expert on microwave radiation. Google Barry’s name and you’ll see that he has a number of videos (youtube).


Jerry Flynn
J.G. Flynn, Captain (Canadian Armed Forces, retired)


(FLSC is Federation of Law Societies of Canada)

From: Jerry Flynn
Sent: April 14, 2019
To: ‘jherman@flsc.ca‘ <jherman@flsc.ca>; ‘fwilson@flsc.ca‘ <fwilson@flsc.ca>; ‘blinney@flsc.ca‘ <blinney@flsc.ca>; ‘kgalldin@flsc.ca‘ <kgalldin@flsc.ca>; ‘kpaylor@flsc.ca‘ <kpaylor@flsc.ca>; ‘ross.earnshaw@gowlingwlg.com‘ <ross.earnshaw@gowlingwlg.com>; ‘morgan.cooper@mun.ca‘ <morgan.cooper@mun.ca>; ‘steve.raby@nortonrosefulbright.com‘ <steve.raby@nortonrosefulbright.com>; ‘smacpherson@lawsonlundell.com‘ <smacpherson@lawsonlundell.com>; ‘Hermanhvanommen@outlook.com‘ <Hermanhvanommen@outlook.com>; ‘ekleisinger@mcdougallgauley.com‘ <ekleisinger@mcdougallgauley.com>; ‘dswayze@mhlaw.ca‘ <dswayze@mhlaw.ca>; ‘mhaigh@under25k.com‘ <mhaigh@under25k.com>; ‘lmbeaumont@notarius.net‘ <lmbeaumont@notarius.net>; ‘nplourde@sarrazinplourde.com‘ <nplourde@sarrazinplourde.com>; ‘george.filliter@gmail.com‘ <george.filliter@gmail.com>; ‘jill.perry@nslegalaid.ca‘ <jill.perry@nslegalaid.ca>; ‘dmackenzie@mcpei.ca‘ <dmackenzie@mcpei.ca>; ‘barryfleming@mail.com‘ <barryfleming@mail.com>; ‘david.mcwhinnie@northwestel.net‘ <david.mcwhinnie@northwestel.net>; ‘Karen_wilford@gov.nt.ca‘ <Karen_wilford@gov.nt.ca>; ‘sara@siebertlaw.ca‘ <sara@siebertlaw.ca>
Cc: ‘Gord.Johns@parl.gc.ca‘ <Gord.Johns@parl.gc.ca>; ‘Gord.Johns.C1B@parl.gc.ca‘ <Gord.Johns.C1B@parl.gc.ca>; ‘justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca‘ <justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca>; ‘mcu@justice.gc.ca‘ <mcu@justice.gc.ca>; ‘David.Lametti@parl.gc.ca‘ <David.Lametti@parl.gc.ca>; ‘Hon.ralph.goodale@canada.ca‘ <Hon.ralph.goodale@canada.ca>; ‘DND_MND@forces.gc.ca‘ <DND_MND@forces.gc.ca>; ‘scis.minister-ministre.scis@canada.ca‘ <scis.minister-ministre.scis@canada.ca>; ‘ised.minister-ministre.isde@canada.ca‘ <ised.minister-ministre.isde@canada.ca>

Subject: Man-made non-thermal radiation – people are forced to be the proverbial “Boiling Frog”

Dear Executive Committee and Senior Management Members,

I hope that after reading this seemingly bizarre – but true – letter, the Council of the Federation of Law Societies of Canada will feel compelled to alert the appropriate elected Government of Canada officials (e.g., Prime Minister Trudeau and his new Minister of Justice and Attorney General, etc.) and others in Canada’s legal and judicial community … as you see fit, to inform them of what informed people around the world have long known is the ‘greatest crime-ever’ committed against an unsuspecting and defenseless public – which includes each of you, your families and every other person living in Canada!

Specifically, Health Canada continues to allow the electric power generation and wireless and telecommunications industries to irradiate the people of Canada with hazardous non-thermal electric and magnetic fields (EMFs), and pulsed non-thermal radio frequency (RF) electro-magnetic radiation (EMR) – without either their knowledge or consent! My repeated attempts over the years to notify Canada’s current and previous Prime Ministers, Minsters of Justice and Attorney General, Health Ministers, Public Safety Ministers, Industry Ministers, Defence Ministers, etc. have been in vain – save for the current Defence Minister (who failed miserably to convince me that wireless ‘smart’ meters were safe to be used in Canada’s national electric power grid), none has even been acknowledged let alone answered! Non-industry scientists around the world know that non-thermal radiation CAUSES (albeit not exclusively) most if not all of today’s disease epidemics (see attachment).  [see link above this letter]




Although this paper focuses on Canada, it applies equally to all ‘Five-Eyes’ member countries (the U.S.A., U.K., Canada, Australia and New Zealand).

Not once in its history has Health Canada or its predecessor, Health and Welfare Canada, ever imposed the “Precautionary Principle” in order to protect the people from this radiation!


Not once has Health Canada made Industry prove that their technologies are safe – i.e. by having qualified, independent EMF experts, with no ties to industry, test and determine them to be safe! On the contrary, Health Canada historically has and continues to put the onus on the technologically ignorant public to prove that these technologies are NOT safe! Scientists and health experts say that cancers and most major diseases have latency periods that vary from 10 to 30 years … or even longer before the disease manifests itself!

On Page 6 of the attachment, the three high-lighted paragraphs (years 2010 and 2011) clearly chronicle the corruption that now threatens the health and safety of every person living in British Columbia! And the highlighted paragraph on Page 10 is extremely pertinent! It is likely that similar happenings have occurred in Canada’s other provinces and territories.

In closing and on the premise that you have viewed the attachment, it is hoped that the Council of the Federation of Law Societies of Canada will immediately bring this unprecedented and unthinkably evil matter to the attention of the new Attorney General of Canada … and to any other elected Federal and/or Provincial officials as you see fit. This heinous crime must be stopped, while there is still time!


Ideally, an informed, responsible democratic Government of Canada should, minimally, ensure that:

  • All Ministers– Must note and heed that the Government of Canada’s first inviolable responsibility is to protect the health and safety of its people!
  • All Ministers– Must never allow communications/electronics technology that was developed in or by a foreign country that historically has not been an ally of Canada’s (referring here specifically to Huawei and their attempt to be the world-leader in “5G” network technology)! Rational people know that China, Russia, Iran and North Korea would never allow Western technology to be used in their critical infrastructure!
  • All Ministers– Shall completely ban 5G technology – until such frequencies can be independently proven (by qualified EMF / EMR experts having no ties to industry) to be safe to be used by, on and around people of all ages, of all sizes, of all levels of wellness on a continuous 24/7/365 day basis, in perpetuity;
  • All Ministers– Shall immediately halt the further roll out of any wireless technology until Health Canada can prove that it is safe (as above);
  • Health Canada– Shall immediately invoke the ‘Precautionary Principle’ for all equipment that emits EMF/EMR, and put the onus on Industry to prove that their technologies are safe (as above).
  • Health Canada– Shall issue a News Release stating that Canada formally recognizes (as many other countries have) that electro-magnetic sensitivity’ (EHS) is a legitimate physical impairment, one that can render a person incapable of working in an environment where EMFs are present.
  • Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada– Shall immediately order the reduction of the effective radiated power levels of all RF transmitting towers and personal wireless devices in accordance with the ‘alow areasonably achievable’ (ALARA) principle.
  • Health Canada– Shall immediately implement biologically-based RF Exposure Limits in accordance with the BioInitiative 2012 Report and change Safety Code 6 to reflect these changes;
  • Health Canada– Shall establish and incorporate into Safety Code 6 national “safe” Exposure Limits for Extremely Low Frequency ‘ELF’ (commonly known as power line 60 Hz) electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) that are consistent with those recommended in the BioInitiative 2012 Report and the Seletun Scientific Panel Statement of 2011. https://bioinitiative.org/   http://www.iemfa.org/seletun-statement/
  • Health Canada– Shall immediately ban ‘smart’ meters in Canada and direct electric utilities to replace those which now serve residential customers with non-irradiating analogue meters – at industry’s expense.
  • Health Canada– Shall, where suitable hard-wired replacements are available, replace all wireless technology ASAP in cancer clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, medical clinics, public schools, government transit systems, etc. (e.g., Wi-Fi routers, cell phones, cordless phones, cell phone towers, tablet and laptop computers, Bluetooth devices, etc.)
  • Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness– Shall order the RCMP to institute an immediate international criminal investigation of those involved in the EMF / EMR community (government, military, academe and industry) who champion the thermal effects ONLY dogma!
  • All Ministers– Shall immediately divorce and insulate themselves from industry and, where appropriate, from the U.S.A.
  • Minister of National Defense– Shall ensure the removal of all wireless technology from Canada’s national electric power grid on national security grounds!
  • Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada– Shall liaise with internationally-renowned EMF / EMR scientists prior to assigning radio frequencies for any commercial or public application – remembering that microwaves were invented as weapons of war!

It is an understatement to say that doing nothing is not an option, for to do so would condemn every member of Canada’s legal community, like all members of the general public, to continue to be victimized by this greatest-ever ‘crime against humanity’! For obvious reasons, I have elected not to disclose my contact details, but will happily do so – in confidence – to any serious enquiry. I am prepared to defend in person all that is said in this letter and in the attachment to any audience. My military BIO is in the Attachment.

J.G. (“Jerry”) Flynn, Captain (Retired)



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters 

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”          Edmund Burke or John Stuart Mill…



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