2019-04-06 5G may have stronger 4G signals closer than previously allowed.

1)     A repeat about children and teachers suffering from cancers after a cell tower is erected on a school in California. This is to a new audience, and is expanded to include additional information about the general topic of EMR.  It’s time that we put pressure on telecoms to remove their radiation-emitting devices from schools, hospitals and senior citizens’ homes. Telecoms focus on places like these for their transmitters, knowing that they always need money

Parents demand removal of cell tower from elementary school after four students and three teachers develop cancer

     – Warning: EMF radiation is being linked to genetic damage, birth defects plus many other health issues

     – Study links cell phone towers with higher rates of cancer

     –  Reduce EMF exposure with common-sense techniques


2)  There are some in the industry who believe the milliwave technology that requires microcells is not likely to be available for a long time, and now we are faced with microcells emitting “jazzed-up” 4G, using lower frequencies which we know to be extremely harmful. Now the cell towers, instead of being blocks or kilometers away, are only feet or meters away where before, telecoms had to apply to local Councils, negotiate with and pay landowners, notify public before putting up cell towers, they have no restrictions re. microcells. Telecoms have a free hand to put stronger cell transmitters anywhere they want, for virtually nothing. Was this just a ploy? 

mmWave Challenges May Lead to More 5G at Lower Frequencies 



“One of the things I have been writing about quite a bit is the challenges to 5G in the mmWave bands. This seems to be bubbling to the top, more and more, as carriers are under pressure to roll out 5G. The hype is that it is the silver bullet for densification. However, using mmWave >6 GHz is problematic, especially for mobile wireless, for a number of reasons…

However, this may not be much more than a slightly jazzed-up version of 4G performance. While new bandwidth manipulation technologies have emerged, they are a bit more limited at lower bands than mmWave, where large chunks of spectrum are available, offering hundreds of megahertz of bandwidth. At low band, bandwidth is in the 10s of megahertz.”


3) The clamor for fiber optic cable to provide faster internet service is getting louder. Many cities across the US are beginning to look at providing their own service instead of waiting for the industry to do so. This allows flexibility and economic control rather than being subject to the whims of the telecoms.

Cabled Municipal Broadband–a solution to 5G and everything else

Tired of your lack of connectivity?  Embarrassed that South Korea has internet speeds 200 times faster than we do? There are 800 cities across the nation that are building their own municipal wired fiber-optic networks to bring lightning-fast connections straight to their homes. With their city-owned cabled systemChatanooga, Tennesse provides internet access to the underserved for $10 a month that at outclasses and outpaces any wireless system. China plans to wire their country ensuring fiber-optic connections to 80 percent of the homes in the country.”


4)  It seems that every government and every agency that has the responsibility to protect the public is aligned with the telecoms, providing misleading info, ignoring science, and promoting the industry that is polluting our environment with electrosmog. The panels and agencies themselves are loaded with bent scientists and people with blatant conflicts of interest. Example: James McNamee, head of the department of Health Canada responsible for Safety Code 6, has been closely aligned with and has done research for Motorola even while being employed by Health Canada and paid by us.

This article pertains to the UK and also gives a very interesting history from pre-electricity to the world of virtual reality where people may not know to which world they belong. :

5G: The Big Picture:  

The Un-reassuring Assurances of Government and Industry

“The Government body charged with protecting public health, Public Health England, advises us that there is no convincing evidence that Radio Frequency radiation (which radio, television, mobile phones, smartphones and 5G all use) has any adverse health effects on either adults or children.

This advice is based on the recommendations of a supposedly independent body called AGNIR (Advisory Group on Non-Ionising Radiation), which produced a report in 2012 on the safety of Radio Frequency radiation. The report stated that there was a lack of “convincing” and “conclusive” evidence for any adverse health effects.9 It was like giving a blank cheque to the telecommunications industry to move on into the higher frequencies, without any heed for the consequences.

It turns out that far from being independent, AGNIR has a high proportion of members with blatant conflicts of interests, and their report distorted or simply left out of account evidence that should have compelled them to reach the opposite conclusion to the one they arrived at. In a forensic analysis of the report, the environmental health researcher, Sarah Starkey, makes it clear that only a wilful disregard of the available scientific evidence could explain its internal contradictions and apparent incompetence.

And yet it is the basis of current UK Government policy, allowing government to roll out 5G without so much as even a nod towards the need for prior health and safety assessmentHealth and safety simply do not feature in Government thinking, despite a veritable mountain of literally thousands of research papers demonstrating adverse health effects, which continues to grow at the rate of roughly 350 per year, on average practically one every day.”



From: Rafe Sunshine   (name given with permission)

Sent: March 29, 2019

Subject: Re: Huawai cellular phone offer through Telus = Inappropriate


I have contacted Telus re: their promotional offer of a Huawai cellphone (P 30 Pro) as being inappropriate for a Canadian telecommunications company to promote this Chinese corporations product.       The following reasons were given:

  1. Huawai is a Chinese corporation directly supported by the government of China;
  1. The Chinese government can demand access to any information gleaned by Huawai and by its products;
  1. The Chinese government is involved in the incarceration of Canadians as a result of detaining a Huawai executive (Meng Wanzhou) on an American extradition order for corporate fraud;
  1. There are many other phone companies that Telus could promote other than the Huawai product because cyber-security has still not been assured by the Canadian government for the Canadian public;
  1. The Chinese government has become an “economic bully” when it deems its interests are being flouted by any country as in Canadian canola shipments (and potentially other products) contracts have been cancelled because they demand the release of their Huawai executive – not as part of the “rule of law”, but as an economic undermining of Canada’s justice system.

I encourage all those Canadians that feel that Telus is wrong in the promotion of any Huawai product should contact Telus to rescind this promotion as not being in accord with Canadian values.

Sincerely –

Rafe Sunshine


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

The absence of evidence of hazard is not proof of safety” — says Dr. Devra Davis




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