2019-04-04 New smartphone plan for “just kids”

1)   Despite all the recent studies showing how harmful exposure to EMR is, telecoms’ advertisements and products are aimed at parents who want to give their children the best possible start in life. Instead they, unknowingly because they have not been informed, are exposing their children to dangers that could cause harm for years to come.

Verizon Releases “Just Kids” Smartphone Plan While Silicon Valley Parents Still Desperately Keep Their Kids Away From Screens

“Regardless, non-Silicon Valley parents are still buying smartphones for their kids.  In fact, according to some research, “high tech” parents provide their kids with phones at 7 1/2 years of age (on average).  This being the case, it only seems appropriate that Verizon has designed and is now marketing a “Just Kids” smartphone plan.  It’s also worth noting that in 2014, Verizon also announced the likelihood that they would eventually be sued and have to pay settlements for harm caused by their products and infrastructure.”


2)  Nearly a year ago, the Swiss Federal Council was informed about the Phonegate scandal revealed by Dr. Arazi. He tested many of the most common phones and found the vast majority to exceed the very high exposure limits allowed, that they misinformed their customers about the exposure levels, and had failed to take remedial action. Members of the government have asked for the Swiss Council to take action — but so far, nothing.  This is beginning to get publicity in Switzerland but still nothing in Canada. I wonder if anyone has done similar studies here. There is little reason to believe that the telecoms here are any more ethical given their track record of not informing the public about the dangers associated with using a cell/smart phone, giving it to children, or carrying it next to your body.

Phonegate scandal: Swiss deputies on the front lines

“For the past year, many Swiss deputies have been asking the Federal Council for information and explanations regarding the Phonegate industrial and health scandal. Most recently, on 20 March 2019, National Councilor Silva Semadeni (Socialist group) and 26 other deputies* tabled another interpellation, 193180:

“Phonegate”: Properly inform mobile phone users:

“…smartphones are often worn close to the body, in the pants pocket, or directly glued to the ear during a call. In 2018, in France, it was made public that many models of mobile phones sold exceeded the specific absorption rate (SAR) values declared by the manufacturer. For years, users have been deceived…””


3) Of possible use in letters to politicians, school principals and trustees, and the media is a high level summary of insurance companies’ actions to mitigate anticipated risks and lawsuits related to EMR/wireless radiation. Insurance companies have access to detailed records related to health issues and hire actuaries to determine the risk, hoping to adjust premiums to reflect that risk. Some companies, such as Lloyds of London, have a reputation for accepting risks, with appropriate premiums, that other insurance companies refuse to cover. As we shared several years ago, for many years Lloyds has refused to insure any health risk associated with EMR.  Despite this, we are all being irradiated even in our homes, without choice. The most vulnerable, children in school, weakened people in hospitals, and senior citizens are deliberately exposed for the sake of profit.

2009 Austrian Accident Insurance Institute Report on Health Risks from Cell Phone Radiation

“Nonthermal Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation in the Cell Phone Frequency Range”

The AUVA studies have verified that: Electromagnetic fields from cell phone radiation have an impact on the: Central Nervous System (brain), Immune System, Protein Syntheses.”

“The radiation-induced effects observed, however, were not always dosage-dependent as would be expected from thermal effects. Some cells showed an even stronger response when the 5-minute expo- sure was followed by a 10-minute break (intermittent exposure). This would also support a nonthermal effect mechanism. The project results, therefore, serve as a further confirmation of the existence of so-called nonthermal effects.” (p. 169)


4)   Malware has been developed that can alter scans to add or delete cancerous tumors. This has been done to show how vulnerable medical devices in hospitals are to hacking. Some “sick” person might actually use it.

Computer virus alters cancer scan images

“In laboratory tests, the malware altered 70 images and managed to fool three radiologists into believing patients had cancer.

The altered images also managed to trick automated screening systems. 

The team from Israel developed the malicious software  to show how easy it is to get around security protections for diagnostic equipment.

The program was able to convincingly add fake malignant growths to images of lungs taken by MRI and CT scanning machines.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters 

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