2019-01-03 ICNIRP names new biased Exec. Director

1) Here are some photos of banners for ideas re. Jan. 25 Stop 5G Day.



2) A member sent some excellent ideas for flyers for Jan. 25 which can be adapted for each neighbourhood with the street, community, etc. put on the top. Of course, to get the measurements, someone in the area would need an RF meter.

measurement posters could go on Telus poles anytime,
giving a reading and now it promotes the event on the 25th

BC “Stop5G Jan 25th” – http://emrabc.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/poster_new_BC_TELUS5.jpg

Maple Ridge


3) A new head of ICNIRP has been named, one who has many biases and has consistently argued that EHS is psychosomatic, not caused by exposure to an environmental toxin, EMR. So continues the legacy of this influential organization failing to acknowledge science.

Changes in the ICNIRP Commission as of May 2020.

“From May 2020 we will have, as chair of ICNIRP, an individual who historically and consistently attributes negative symptoms experienced from nnEMF exposure to “fear of radiation” and/or a “nocebo” response.”


4) Dr. Cindy Russell is the Exec. Director of Physicians for Safe Technology and has spoken out about the dangers of cell towers and microwave radiation in articles before. This is information that other medical doctors should know but, unfortunately for most, the topic of biological effects of wireless radiation was not part of the curriculum. I have been told that medical doctors have more faith in research by and opinions of other MDs than they do those of PhDs, even though they are the ones who do most of the research. This article, therefore, would be a good one to share with your doctor.

The health impacts of cell towers

“How are cell towers similar to DDT, an insecticide infamous for its environmental impacts? It’s a good question. On Dec. 8, about 90 local residents asked this question and many more at an event to explore the health and environmental impacts of wireless technology. As new cell towers are being proposed in the area, interest was high, with standing-room only in the Point Reyes Community Presbyterian Church….

Studies on cell towers show an increase in cancer in those living within 1,500 feet of towers; other studies show an alteration in stress hormones and blood abnormalities. A significant percentage of people also report non-specific or vague health symptoms, including headaches, fatigue, dizziness, nausea and insomnia when living close to cell towers. Electro-sensitivity is a real disease and more people—from 3 to 18 percent—are reporting vague symptoms when they use wireless devices.

Wireless radiation can also affect the health, behavior and migration of animals. Bees appear particularly sensitive, and plants and trees are also adversely affected. Precaution on all fronts is needed with the placement of cell towers, as the radiation they emit is constant. Once a large cell tower is in place, 5G small cells will follow. Cell towers become a permanent Trojan horse.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Do not let spacious plans for a new world divert your energies from saving what is left of the old.”             Winston Churchill


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