2019-11-27 Govt. wants to deny health effects suffered in Cuba

1)   Another Irish county asks federal government for a moratorium on 5G due to health concerns.  We need some of our Councils to do the same thing to the provincial government.


Concerns lead to calls to put 5G roll-out on hold

“Public concerns around potential health hazards of 5G technology have led to calls for its rollout to be suspended until these matters can be independently investigated and resolved.

Leading the charge for 5G to be put on hold until such time as public anxieties around its health and safety can be allayed is Cllr Aisling Moran.

She called on the Minister for Communications, Richard Bruton to stop the rollout of 5G, fifth generation cellular technology, across the country.”


2)  An industry article that warns that “substandard” quality smeters can result in fires, etc. We need a definition of “substandard” — I would think that smeters with many design flaws would fall into that category.

Electricity Meter Market Investigation Reveals Contribution By Major Companies During The Assessment Period

“Besides, governments issue several trademarks to give a seal of credibility to the quality of electricity meters. Use of substandard meters can pose severe risks to life and property, and may result in the occurrence of wild fires.”


3)   Thanks to a member for finding this article. Many diplomats from both Canada and the US have complained of health problems while serving in Cuba that some experts believe could have been caused by microwave or sonic weaponsThe Canadian government seems afraid to admit that such a thing is possible. Some of them (I think all were American) were tested and real neurological damage was diagnosed.  Admitting that EMR or sonic technology could do such harm might lead to the public learning that the government knew about these dangers for decades….

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In court filing, Canadian government argues diplomats exaggerated ‘Havana Syndrome’ claims behind $28M lawsuit

“They’re asking a judge to toss the lawsuit, which alleges negligence and a cover-up over the so-called “Havana Syndrome” — strange injuries the lawsuit speculates may have been caused by a “sonic or microwave weapon” initially aimed at American officials.”


4)  We all need to better understand 5G to be able to educate others. There are many problems with 5G, especially the use of the milliwave technology. Hopefully, we will be able to educate those in government about the risks before the technological problems and costs are overcome.   I realize this is in the US, but the situation cannot be much better in Canada.

America:  A Tale of at Least Two 5Gs

“Meanwhile, T-Mobile US Inc. and Sprint Corp. (NYSE: S) said that if their merger passes the regulatory sniff test, they will deliver a 450-Mbit/s mobile 5G network — mainly over 600MHz and 2.5GHz — starting in the second half of 2019. That’s if the merger closes. Remember:….

At the moment, only Verizon has the millimeter wave spectrum to consider anything approaching a nationwide rollout of the high-band 5G. Meanwhile, T-Mobile’s Ray claims it will cost “$1.5 trillion” for any carrier to consider a nationwide rollout of millimeter wave 5G in the US.”


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meter

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